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Due to recent advances in reliability, accuracy and performance, the use of facial recognition technology in both security and commercial applications has grown significantly. Unlike other biometric systems, facial recognition requires no physical or active interaction with the subject, making it one of the least intrusive yet highly accurate biometric modes. It enables faces to be recorded and archived at a distance, act as a crime deterrent, and help identify a person in real-time. The contact-free non-obtrusive approach makes for a more easily integrated and acceptable identification solution using existing CCTV cameras. Webcams can also be used to match images to records stored in a database.


Security: Facial recognition solutions can be used in a variety of security applications and environments for everyday tasks that can be automated, authenticated or enhanced, providing people with a better quality of life and an improved level of security. Door access control, retail, hospitality, border control, immigration, CCTV surveillance and law enforcement are just some of the use cases.

Commercial: Harnessing the benefits of facial recognition for non-security based uses can provide organisations with a number of benefits in terms of improving customer service and enhanced business intelligence, as well as offering a real competitive advantage. Many opportunities exist to use facial recognition in the hospitality, gaming, leisure and retail markets to promote better and more personalised service levels to important customers as well as the prevention of undesirable visitors.

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Once written off by early adopters, facial recognition has come a long way to become a vital component in today’s technology-driven world. This free whitepaper explores the far-reaching effects of facial recognition, and how this technology revolutionises the security and commercial landscapes.

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Why NEC?

NEC has developed biometric technologies for more than 30 years and has solutions used by more than 1000 customers in over 40 countries worldwide. NEC’s facial recognition software is independently recognised as the fastest and most accurate on the global market. NEC was ranked #1 in 3 consecutive facial recognition annual benchmark tests conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), greatly exceeding all other vendors in both accuracy and speed.

NEC has partnered with the Northern Territory (NT) Police Force in Australia to implement leading edge forensic facial recognition technology to fight crime and keep communities safer. During the initial trial in early 2015, police used the system to successfully identify around 300 individuals from photos and CCTV footage, helping police solve crimes and prevent threats to safety. Learn more. Police Minister Peter Chandler said “This new facial recognition software has already helped police identify or rule out suspects.” Read the Minister’s address.

NEC has also been selected to deliver South Australia Police’s facial recognition system. The technology is designed to enable police to monitor, scan, detect and search images of suspects, including even poor quality photographs and video streams, for matches against mugshot databases. Learn more.