Multi-Touch Large Format Displays

As a world leading name in digital signage, NEC displays are installed in some of the most challenging and highly visited locations and venues across the world.

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Multi-Touch Large Format Displays

Based on the latest touch technologies, these displays deliver true multi-touch support with fast response times and a high level of accuracy - particularly displays fitted with the market-leading ShadowSense™ Touch technology.

All NEC interactive displays are plug & play, without the need to install any external driver software.

Thanks to safety glass and anti-reflective coating (selected models only), interactivity is smooth and secure, with reflections reduced to a minimum, which significantly increases the readability of the content shown.

Infrared Multi-Touch - 40, 48 & 55"

Smooth touch response ideal for kiosk, wayfinding or self-order applications

ShadowSense Multi-Touch - 48 & 55"

Your Teammate for Self-Service Kiosks and POS Applications

Infrared Multi-Touch - 65"

Experience quick touch response with infrared technology

Modular-Touch-System - 55"

Add a whole new dimension to your video display wall

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Free Trial - Biometric Authentication Service

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