Multi-Touch Large Format Displays

As a world leading name in digital signage, NEC displays are installed in some of the most challenging and highly visited locations and venues across the world.

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Multi-Touch Large Format Displays

Based on the latest touch technologies, these displays deliver true multi-touch support with fast response times and a high level of accuracy - particularly displays fitted with the market-leading ShadowSense™ Touch technology.

All NEC interactive displays are plug & play, without the need to install any external driver software.

Thanks to safety glass and anti-reflective coating (selected models only), interactivity is smooth and secure, with reflections reduced to a minimum, which significantly increases the readability of the content shown.

CB Touch Series - 65, 75 & 86"

Enter the world of digital signage

ShadowSense Multi-Touch - 65 & 75"

Give your meeting room a bright new touch

ShadowSense Multi-Touch - 48 & 55"

Your Teammate for Self-Service Kiosks and POS Applications

Infrared Multi-Touch - 40, 48 & 55"

Smooth touch response ideal for kiosk, wayfinding or self-order applications

Infrared Multi-Touch - 65"

Experience quick touch response with infrared technology

Modular-Touch-System - 55"

Add a whole new dimension to your video display wall

Is your business ready for NBN? Ask us how

Is your business ready for NBN?

ISDN services in Australia are ending soon. If your business is on ISDN you will need to migrate to SIP to connect to the NBN.

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