NEC Smart City Solutions

NEC Smart City Solutions focus on Amenity, Safety, Efficiency and Liveability.

Amenity, safety, efficiency and liveability

Deploying smart and safe technologies in cities helps increase the standard of living and prosperity of its citizens while enhancing economic resilience.

This can be done through technology that:

  • Enhances city services
  • Delivers better standards of living
  • Boosts personal safety; and
  • Generates gains in the efficient use of city resources through more sustainable approaches.

City Safety

Today, all levels of government have a heightened focus on keeping our citizens safe. The public security system can take advantage of new technology to help integrate multiple tracking systems and data collected from sensors within the city.

NEC works collaboratively with Government to enhance city safety with solutions that address:

Smart street lighting

The NEC smart lighting approach offers the following services:

  • Consultancy services for smart street lighting programs, and multi-role, reusable smart city application infrastructures.
  • Design smart street lighting solutions, including lighting design, radio network planning, deployment planning for street furniture and roll-out of smart street lighting implementations to Councils.
  • Delivery and integration of smart street lighting solutions into current infrastructure.
  • Build and operate (as a fully managed service) an open source, low cost cloud platform for smart street lighting solutions.

Crowd Behaviour Monitoring

Using the advanced techniques of the company’s unique machine learning video analytics technologies, NEC can trigger alerts when crowd behaviour video surveillance indicates potentially illegal, undesirable or anti-social activity.

The benefits include the ability to tacitly maintain and appropriate the level of surveillance that optimises operations staff attention to the most important or critical situations.

Hotspot Analytics

A heterogeneous mixture of data makes it hard to find accurate patterns across mixed data types. NEC’s unique heterogeneous mixture learning (HML) technology is the ability to automatically categorise data patterns into classes. Using HML across disparate data sets, automatic categorization results in high-precision predictions being achieved.

In the city safety context, a myriad of data inputs e.g. urban demographics, seasonal factors, climate and weather factors, crime statistics, local policing presence, courts and justice statistics and so on can be processed dynamically to produce predictive insights into likely criminal activity.

Public Administration and Interagency Co-operation

Current technology allows for the collection of masses amounts of data. However, action cannot be taken if this data is siloed in different departments and systems, regulated by human intervention.

The Smart City solution would allow for different departments to receive data as they need it and allow for collaboration across agencies. Based on the results of big data analytics tools, the system can also suggest a course of action in real time.

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City Efficiency and Liveability

Local governments are looking to transform their municipality as urbanisation applies greater pressure on existing city infrastructure and services. In some instances, localities are looking to revitalise their community through technological transformation.

NEC's experience in Santander (Spain) and Bristol (UK) helped provide a better quality of life and helped accelerate economic development through a combination of solutions.

Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality sensors are designed to monitor the quality of air in a surrounding area.

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Pedestrian Mobility Tracking

Obtaining data on the number of people moving through certain areas and the street flows of those people enables us to manage city safety, asset management, public transport, retail and tourism more effectively.

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Advanced Waste Management

The just-in-time waste collection service uses IoT sensors that record the volume of rubbish in the bins, which is relayed via data collectors, repeaters and the mobile network to the control centre.


Our Approach to Safer & Smarter Cities

NEC develops Safer and Smart City solutions according to four important views:

Incremental Acquisition

The need for a broad orchestrated future vision, for each local government, that can be implemented through an incremental approach and matched to budget imperatives.

In the same way that cities evolve, the path to creating smart systems is not through a capital-intensive process but through a series of incremental projects and improvements.

Smart Interoperability

To integrate existing systems where viable, new smart solutions must work with existing and legacy systems to create a truly connected city. As IoT networking technologies, like LORA, Sigfox, and NBIOT continue to evolve and vie for market share, NEC remains committed to inter-working with the most appropriate technologies for the particular customer requirement.


Community open-source software and open data are cornerstones of the smart city. NEC’s Cloud City Operations Centre (CCOC) software is the heart of the Digital City and is built on FIWARE. The NEC approach is to grow a cloud-based, open platform; one that is cultivated by a participative ecosystem of like-minded communities, vendors, local governments and local businesses.

Economic Stimulus

A smart city doesn't guarantee fiscal success but it does lay down the framework for a robust (digital) economy.

NEC believes that city technology partnered with local businesses, building collaborative ventures with universities, community based tech hubs and entrepreneurs help drive commerce.

Smart city engagements can include:

  • Traditional capital and maintenance procurement arrangements
  • Managed service based on a subscription model with an initial capital contract for an equipment deployment program
  • Turnkey “as a service” model that incorporates costs of equipment deployments and an ongoing managed service on a subscription/consumption basis
  • Performance contract model where a complete management solution for the smart systems, that is primarily designed to capture transformational savings to fund on-going operations.

NEC recognises each local government will have different circumstances, existing ownership arrangements for city assets and program objectives.

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