NEC Private LTE solutions

High capacity and cost-effective.


Today's network service providers are witnessing an explosion in data traffic, with traffic volumes expanding at a much more rapid rate than revenue. NEC recognises the importance of high-speed mobile networks and the ever-diversifying network services needed to meet this growing demand, but also the need to soundly protect investment.

LTE, with its capacity-driving Small Cell concept, offers the most promising solution: securing high-speed mobile communication while drastically minimising total costs of ownership. This is in stark contrast to the traditional focus on conventional coverage networks.

NEC's market-leading LTE also focuses on the concept of Broadband Wireless Access (BWA), which effectively expands LTE service providers' coverage by removing the boundary between fixed and the mobile, high-speed data access businesses. Our end-to-end portfolio, spanning devices to radio, backhaul and core networks, is optimised to stimulate innovative transformations to BWA business, and thus open up new sources of revenue for our customers.

Our innovative LTE all-in-one Small Cell Solutions emphasise tailored network performance through capacity-based network design. This covers the control of quality of experience and self-organizing networks (SON) with extensive automation technology, as well as a cost-efficient, compact, light-weight all-in-one (RF+BB) design. With its industry-leading LTE Small Cell Solutions, NEC can offer multiple advantages from network deployment, operation and maintenance phases, providing customers with a successful pathway to fast LTE.

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High Capacity

  • Small form factor and light weight
  • Eco-friendly through low power consumption
  • Leading self-configuration solution
  • Fast and easy installation (one touch)

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • All-in-one compact architecture
  • Zero foot print implementation
  • Multiple deployment scenarios
  • Optional Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot

High Flexibility

  • Hot spot solution for target area
  • Coverage extension & blackspot solution
  • Applicable for HetNet environment


Why NEC?

NEC is a leader in communications and information technology both locally and globally. We’re a vastly experienced systems architect, designer and delivery organisation, providing managed service, managed cloud EPC, or fully owned end to end deployment options for Private LTE infrastructure, including wireless backhaul.

An NEC Private LTE system operates in a similar way to a standard carrier network, using comparable cell towers and infrastructure with flexible roaming options ranging from complete private island operation, through to public network SIM services roaming onto the NEC private network.

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