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With a high level of engagement with Government and broad portfolio of services and solutions, NEC Australia is uniquely positioned to resolve government-specific challenges at federal, state and local level. Our adaptive and cost effective strategies fully utilise our leading and accredited technologies.
NEC Australia is committed to bringing together our best-in-class integrated technology and expertise to create the information communications technology-enabled society where our solutions contribute to greater safety, security, efficiency and equality.
Our technologies and expertise is already making a difference in the following federal and state authorities:
Critical Infrastructure
Defence & Intelligence
Security and Immigration
Law Enforcement

Why NEC Australia


NEC Australia prides itself on building trusted partnerships with Government agencies to deliver innovative, specialist technology solutions to complement large, complex project outcomes. We do this by bringing together a compelling value proposition of consultancy, technology solutions, services and expertise to help you achieve your transformation goals.


NEC Australia has more than 47 years’ local experience, and the global backing of NEC Corporation. This makes it one of the most trusted names in Government at local, state and federal level.


NEC Australia is committed to solutions and services to assist Government. NEC Australia's Integrated Governance Model (IGM) supports all managed services to obtain measurable outcomes provided by NEC Australia or other vendors.


With local capabilities working alongside local partners, NEC Australia can deliver cost effective and transformation solutions to Government agencies.
A key element of the NEC service model relevant to delivering on-going savings is service innovation and improvement in support of your specific business strategies.

Delivering savings by providing control

NEC provides you with the tools you need to have complete control over your ICT services and associated costs.

Simple and flexible catalogue

Service cost calculators

Easy & Tailorable approval workflow

Clear and transparent cost and usage reporting

Easy switch-on and switch-off

NEC Australia is your end-to-end partner; working with you to help you develop your ICT strategy and identify operational efficiencies and cost savings; then helping you transition and transform to the consumption of WA GovNext Services.
NEC has the ability to directly service the whole of the state. We have the capability to provide metro, regional and remote support and already have an established state-wide network of NEC service providers. This means we can better and more efficiently support your regional and remote sites.

From planning to implementation

NEC Australia is focused on ‘Agency Assurance’ and successful agency transformation. We recognise that transformation is a journey – therefore we have developed a four-step transformation approach that enables agencies to realise the benefits of WA GovNext without putting their operations at risk.


NEC Partner Marketplace

A marketplace that provides choice and innovation

The NEC Partner Marketplace has been established with an array of partners to support three key principles from both the state and WA GovNext ICT strategies:


Driving down the costs for commodity services

Establish Contestable Markets
Foundation of future contestable market for commodity services
Incorporates telecommunications and public cloud providers
Partner with data centre providers


Working together to provide the best possible service to agencies

Build Collaboration Market
Initial collaboration market of existing WA government services providers
Establish formal Collaboration Market principles
Expand Collaboration Market


Helping agencies find better ways to do things

Create Innovation Market
Working with current local partners in metro, regional and remote areas to broaden service offerings
Establish research partnerships with WA universities
Ongoing WA industry engagement to identify new prospective partners

Across this marketplace, NEC Australia will provide greater choice at the best price for more commoditised elements of service. The marketplace will also provide access to existing WA Government service providers operating under a common set of Collaboration Principles.
We are always assessing emerging NEC and partner technologies to improve services and solutions for our customers. Our track record of local partnerships is extensive with small business partners in many states: 40 partners in South Australia, 20 in Northern Territory and 60 business partners in Western Australia, geographically dispersed across the state. Importantly, NEC Australia is committed to continually growing our partner market.




Thought Leadership Stories

WA Outcomes setting the benchmark for consumption based IT in Government

Blue sky thinking comes from all manner of places. The latest technology solutions and services we have developed for the WA Government, which were drawn from a variety of sources including the cloud, is leading to a multi-million-dollar payoff for the Government — in the coming year alone.

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Press Releases

Jul / 09 / 2018

NEC extends upgrade of NSW Police Microwave Radio network

NEC Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation and a leading Australian ICT solutions and services firm, has been awarded the next phase of the NSW Police Force’s microwave radio communications network upgrade contract.




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Deploying smart and safe technologies in cities helps increase the standard of living and prosperity of its citizens while enhancing economic resilience.

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