eXtreme Ultra Narrow Large Format Displays

As a world leading name in digital signage, NEC displays are installed in some of the most challenging and highly visited locations and venues across the world.

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eXtreme Ultra Narrow Large Format Displays

No matter what the requirement, NEC has the right video wall solution to fit virtually any application.

Adaptable, scalable and modular, NEC offers unlimited creativity in capturing attention, engaging and delivering a compelling video wall experience.

Trusted NEC quality is the professional choice for display technology and can provide the complete video wall solution from pre-configuration and mounting solutions, 24/7 operation, and after sales support.

UN Series - 46"

Turn every wall into an opportunity

XUN Series - 46"

Ideal for control rooms, retail signage and real estate

XUN Series - 55"

Perfect for corporate applications & retail environments

UN Series - 55"

Perfect in retail environments & corporate applications

Free Biometric Authentication Service Trial

Free Trial - Biometric Authentication Service

NEC ID is a powerful cloud based identity authentication service that connects your applications to NEC's world leading Facial Recognition biometric matching engine.

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