NEC is a leading global software and solutions technology business. Over the 54 years of business here in Australia, NEC has helped future-proof organisations in a dynamic and fast changing business environment, driving growth and efficiencies through smart technology solutions, manage risk, solve workforce issues and help businesses improve their customer and employee experience. Working with government agencies and private enterprise, NEC streamlines and simplifies the complex (often ‘high consequence’) technology requirements, working in areas including health, transport, construction, manufacturing, emergency services, corrections and law enforcement and many more.

A Renewed NEC Australia for a New Era

We are proud to be a company of firsts, lighting a path for others where there previously was none.

In 1996, NEC introduced the world’s first digital mobile phone. In 2008, NEC Australia revolutionise the classroom with the introduction of interactive whiteboards across the education sector.

We continuously adapted to provide the world’s best technology solutions to complex and changing businesses and work environments. We remain committed to constant evolution and the challenges customers face in the world of tomorrow.

This new way of working will enable our customers to better engage with NEC Australia to connect, create and rapidly advance their digital transformation journeys.

It also better reflects the rich and diverse experience we have gathered in 50 years of operations in Australia and will drive our mission to create a safer society for all.

This is because NEC continuously strives to remain the ultimate partner for Australian businesses in an increasingly technology-enabled world.

We have helped many organisations serve Australia over the years. We pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ – and our customers’ customers’ – and their ever-changing needs.

This has made us the leader we are today in delivering innovative, full-service ICT solutions to businesses navigating the new world.

In this way we will continue to be bold, ambitious, driven, and the leading provider of intelligent solutions in biometrics, facial recognition, cyber and surveillance security.

NEC Australia will today, tomorrow and as always, create the path, and shine the light – to orchestrate a brighter world.

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