Hosted by Associate Professor, Dr Catherine Ball

Hosted by Associate Professor, Dr Catherine Ball, one of the most sought-after talents across the start-up, futurist and tech world, NEC's Women in Technology series sets out to profile female trailblazers and innovators through a series of insightful interviews.

As the role of science, technology, engineering and mathematics becomes even more fundamental in the sustained growth and stability of our economy, strong educational foundations in STEM will be essential for creating critical thinkers; and for enabling the next generation of Australian innovators.

In this series, Dr Catherine Ball will hear from established leaders through to up and coming talents working together to change how the world sees the role of women in technology.

Proudly presented by NEC Australia

Kylie Walker

Ros Harvey

Mikaela Jade

Dr Amy McLennan

Sally-Ann Williams

Hayley Markham