Supporting venue and stadium management

In the wake of the global pandemic, getting people away from their in-home environment and attracting them back to precincts, venues and stadiums has been a massive focus for governments, owners and operators.

The ‘live’ experience to entice fans out of their homes and into the stands can be driven by many factors, including technologies that streamline and enhance the customer/patron experience. Activated from the device in the palm of your hand through to frictionless entry into a stadium, there are many technologies that help shape the patron experience. Back of house technologies used by venue owners can keep people safe and secure and data and analytics help provide a more efficient and effective experience.

Ultimately, people want the WOW factor when they’re experiencing live entertainment and large and small format digital displays can be used for parking guidance, wayfinding, promotional activities, and to make sure the patron never misses a moment.

The entertainment industry is back and thriving!