WorkZone and GDPR

Although significant distance separates Australia from Europe, many organisations will be impacted by the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Every EU citizen, including those that currently reside in Australia is protected by it! 

While some will see it as purely an exercise in regulatory compliance, others will see the opportunity it provides for competitive advantage.

This whitepaper describes the general EU-GDPR feature set as it is implemented in the WorkZone Enterprise Case and Information Management (ECIM) product. The feature set consists of two system access codes, retention policies and document classification codes as well as a process for deleting cases and documents from the WorkZone application and database.

The whitepaper also describes the configuration settings and parameters that can be defined and enabled in order to set up WorkZone to comply with EU-GDPR as well as the consequences for the WorkZone users when utilising the EU-GDPR feature set.