PRO-E D Series

PRO E D Series

Model Pixel Pitch Pixel Density Cabinet Pixels Power Consumption/m2
PRO E 026 D 2.6 112,896 192x192 650
PRO E 031 D 3.1 102,400 156x156 650
PRO E 039 D 3.9 65,536 128x128 650
PRO E 048 D 4.8 43,265 104x104 650


Stunning Visibility in a bright world

Thanks to the unique cabinet design, the PRO E D Outdoor Series can be utilised for just about every outdoor signage application. Offering a dust-proof and waterproof solution that also provides front and rear maintenance, along with exception range of pixel pitch options, the PRO E D Series is an excellent choice for outdoor environments where you need to get your messaging across.


  • Robust diecast aluminium 500mm x 500mm Cabinets
  • Wide range of pixel pitch sizes including  2.6mm, 3.1mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm
  • High Brightness up to 5500nits
  • High Uniformity from any viewing angle (1400/1400)
  • Flexible with front and/or rear service with heaps of service- friendly features
  • Available for any installation configuration option including stacking, hanging, and mounted
  • Outdoor rated - with IP65 rated for front and back
  • Easy maintenance and fast services