PRO N VESA Bonded 

Model Pixel Pitch Resolution / m² Pixel per module
PRO-N-VESA Bonded 1.2  1.2 627,159 960x540
PRO-N-VESA Bonded 1.5  1.5 401,382 768x432
PRO-N-VESA Bonded 1.8  1.8 278,738 640x360
PRO-N-VESA Bonded 2.5  2.5 156,789 480x270

PRO N VESA Bonded Bundles

Model Pixel Pitch Display Size Display Resolution
PRO-N-VESA-1.2 110" 1.2 110" 1920x1080 FHD
PRO-N-VESA-1.2 220" 1.2 220" 3840x2160 UHD
PRO-N-VESA-1.5 275" 1.5 275" 3840x2160 UHD
PRO-N-VESA-1.8 110" 1.8 110" 1280x720 HD
PRO-N-VESA-1.8 165" 1.8 165" 1920x1080 FHD
PRO-N-VESA-2.5 220" 2.5 220" 1920x1080 FHD

LED Wall Configurator

Indoor LED Bonded

For bezel-free viewing experiences using vivid LED technology, NEC’s PRO N VESA Series delivers essential visualization for scalable large digital surfaces. Even for cost-conscious deployments for presentation and signage, PRO-N-VESA provides long lasting NEC quality with an innovative VESA mount compatible form factor of 55” diagonal, off the shelf bundle solutions for safe operation with minimised downtimes.

NEC’s innovative VESA mount compatible PRO- N SMD series generates crisp, clear viewing without fading or distortion in any ambient light, whether it’s day or night, bright or dark. Using GOB technology, the Bonded NEC solution offers a rugged and reliable impact resistant solution.

Either free standing or for seamless integration into interiors, the slim design is sleek and chic as befits the latest innovation in digital content delivery. Benefit from excellent viewing angles, consistent vibrant colours, superb brightness and long lasting performance for meeting rooms and signage applications.


  • Care-free installation – VESA 400 compatible bundled solutions that deliver all you need to get your LED video wall up and running.
  • Large scale for perfectly detailed imagery – completely bezel-less design with high contrast rates deliver an unhindered viewing experience.
  • Slim design – with a flush rear profile, LED modules can be integrated very close to the wall with no gap necessary due to minimal heat emission.
  • Front serviceable modules – with front access to the LED modules, maintenance is easy.
  • Visual excellence – high contrast and high brightness is inherent in LED delivery, benefit from NEC’s long lasting quality.

Datasheet - PRO N VESA 1.2 110" Datasheet - PRO N VESA 1.2 220" Datasheet - PRO N VESA 1.5 275" Datasheet - PRO N VESA 1.8 110" Datasheet - PRO N VESA 1.8 165" Datasheet - PRO N VESA 2.5 220"

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