Microwave Radio Networks

NEC iPasolink Series

Advanced digital microwave communications solutions.


NEC is a top provider of Microwave radio technology with over 2.9M terminals deployed globally. The iPasolink family enables ultra-high capacity wireless transmission in ultra-compact form factor with market leading RF performance.

The expansive feature set, leading R&D investment and world-class reliability of iPasolink makes it an ideal choice for carrier and public safety backhaul, as well as utility, energy, government, enterprise and transport networks.

The flexible platform allows seamless transition from legacy TDM based services to IP to support next generation LTE and 5G networks. With our extensive local engineering teams NEC Australia is in a unique position to deliver a full turnkey solution including networks design, installation & commissioning, maintenance and project management service or a complete managed service.

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iPasolink Family

The iPasolink family provides a comprehensive range of wireless Transport solutions that integrates a comprehensive set of hybrid TDM cross-connect switching and /or IP packet switching with microwave/optical features, resulting in reduced costs and a long investment lifetime. The following iPasolink series cover requirements all the way from the access tail links through to the metro aggregation network:

  • IX – All outdoor Licensed radio from 6-38GHz
  • UX – 5.8G & 4.9G Class Licensed radio
  • EX – E-band 70/80GHz
  • SX – V-band 60GHz
  • iPasolink 100: Compact split mount packet radio from 6-38GHz
  • iPasolink VR2: Capacity-optimised split mount packet radio from 6-38GHz
  • iPasolink VR4: Nodal packet radio for multiservice aggregation and bandwidth management from 6-38GHz
  • iPasolink VR10: Packet transport nodal for radio and optical network integration from 6-38GHz

iPasolink VR2/VR4/VR10 - Converged packet radio (Licensed band 6-38GHz)

The latest addition to the iPasolink Series of radios that builds on the existing features of the iPasolink 400 - the all-time best selling radio in the iPasolink series. This new radio supports up to 4096QAM high modulation capability, MPLS-TP, H-QoS and Layer 3 Functionalities with a built in Open Flow switch to support SDN deployments. The VR2 indoor unit has a passive cooling system with no moving parts. It simplifies maintenance and minimises power consumption.

iPasolink 100E - Compact digital microwave radio solution (Licensed band 6-38GHz)

This is a compact size pure IP radio using carrier class L2 switching technique in iPasolink Series. The iPasolink100E can realise very stable transmission links with top class performance in transmission capacity (10 to 460 Mbps throughput and 7 to 56 MHz radio bandwidth), and system gain. The strongest features are the cost performance, radio performance, L2 switch functions, mechanical design, and usability. By all accounts this product is the best in the market considering the performance and small size.

iPasolink ODUs – Suits the broadest range of environmental conditions

ODUs are renowned for their reliability and are trusted to provide market leading transmission performance in the broadest range of environmental conditions across the planet. The new IAG and IAP Series ODUs are masterpieces of quality and performance in units much smaller, lighter and energy efficient than ever before with Sub-band free versions to cover the entire ACMA band with a single pair of ODU.

iPasolink BR Combiner: Multiple channel combiner

iPasolink BR Combiner is a microwave radio channel combiner and divider with low insertion loss and high channel isolations. Each branching unit can combine 3 or 4 iPasolink or PASOLINK series ODUs to a single antenna port (Polarity). Using two branching units with dual polarity antennas, the system can achieve 4Gbs full duplex throughput on a single antenna.

iPasolink IX - Universal all-outdoor packet radio (Licensed band 6-38GHz)

iPasolink IX is NEC’s new outdoor unit embodies its worldwide reputation for high performance and reliability whilst at the same time acknowledging recent trends for smaller form factor and zero foot print equipment. Conventional All outdoor radio (AOR) systems compromise some of functionalities in order to achieve the smaller form factor, that results in the need for additional peripheral equipment like L2 switch and PoE in order to maintain necessary functionalities.

The iPasolink IX radio supports 2048QAM modulation and 3x Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, PoE, and over the air interoperable with our split mount radio range. It comes in single modem or dual modem configurations. Common spares between our full outdoor and split platforms simplifies operation and maintenance. The iPasolink IX is the only full outdoor radio solution on the market which comes in high power options (+34dBm Tx power) and supports 1+1 Space Diversity configurations.

iPasolink EX-Advance - Small cell backhaul, full outdoor packet radio (E-band 70/80GHz)

iPasolink EX is an all-outdoor, advanced IP Radio capable of delivering 10Gbps Full duplex throughput per link in the 80Ghz Band with SyncE and 1588v.2 synchronization capability and H-QoS. Already recognised as the high performance gigabit radios on the market, the iPasolink EX provides a critical tool for 4G (LTE) and 5G deployments and small cell aggregation.

Featuring the carrier grade functions and reliability expected of the NEC iPasolink family, the system boats advanced 8 Class QoS, XPIC (CCDP) and 1+1 protection providing even more intelligence, capacity and availability per link. With very low power consumption per bit and many upgrade options iPasolink EX sets a new standard for high capacity transport in the backhaul and the metro core.

iPasolink SX- Small cell backhaul, full outdoor packet radio (V-band 60GHz)

iPasolink SX is an all-outdoor, advanced IP radio with integrated antenna that operates in the 60Ghz band. Designed for the challenges of small cell deployment, it’s reduced, integrated form factor makes it ideal for mounting on non-telecoms structures such as building walls and street lighting and it’s short link distance gives higher link densities and simpler frequency planning.

Cognisant of the economics of the new last mile, the iPasolink SX design concept reduces operational and maintenance costs with single technician lifts, use of generally license-free spectrum and rapid installation.

iPasolink GX - Versatile outdoor router

iPasolink GX is versatile outdoor router for a uniquely flexible approach to all-IP networking near to or collocated with the Radio Access Network. It is a compact and robust equipment having an environmentally-hardened chassis, which delivers high packet processing capability and reliability, featuring mainstream L2/L3 protocol support, efficient QoS, and powerful OAM capabilities. The iPasolink GX can be employed also for various applications beyond mobile backhaul by leveraging its unique features.

iPasolink 7000iP: 4-11GHz Long-haul IP Microwave Radio

The number of users with mobile internet access has grown at a rapid rate since the introduction of smart phones and tablets. Under these circumstances, network operators are planning for major changes in network technology as they move to LTE (4G) and 5G.

As an industry-leading microwave radio supplier, NEC is introducing next-generation IP trunk radio called 7000iPS to cater to these needs cost effectively and realise the use of Ethernet as the underlying transport network. The new platform supports 2048QAM, Adaptive bandwidth notification, 8x channel Layer 1 link aggregation, and 108Gbps Backplane switching capability.

NEC introduced SDH microwave radio 5000S for long-haul transmission back in 2007. The 5000S has been proven to be very stable and reliable around the world. The 7000iPS inherits the 5000S's high system gain with rich packet switching functionality and microwave/optical features. This platform can handle not only the IP traffic but also legacy TDM traffic to support your challenge toward all-IP network solution for long-haul transmission.


Network Management System

Monitor and control your microwave communications networks Monitor your iPasolink network remotely, with real-time access to performance analysis and alerts.

Our comprehensive, easy-to-use and cost effective Pasolink Network Management System (Java version) (PNMSj) makes it easy to manage your microwave radio networks. With an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and a full suite of integrated tools, your network operator can remotely monitor and control the status and configuration of an entire iPasolink series network.

The system also makes it possible to monitor the performance of microwave links in real-time, with clear displays of various radio parameters and advance alarm management.

The Pasolink Network Management System is made up of the following two key elements:

  • PNMSj: Pasolink Network Management System (Java version) - the main management software package on a NMS computer
  • PNMTj: Pasolink Network Management Terminal (Java version) - for field maintenance via a mobile terminal (such as laptop)