NEC values the relationships that we have with all of our customers and partners. We constantly strive to provide the level of service and support that is expected of an industry leader.

The purpose of this document is to summarise NEC’s Warranty Service and DS Care Service. For further information on (i) the NEC Warranty and (ii) Specific Warranty Conditions for NEC LCD/Display products and NEC Projector products.


Online Warranty Claim Form

Please click the button below and complete the form to submit your warranty claim.

Warranty Claim Form

* LED Warranty Support - Before completing the Warranty Claim form, please review the LED Troubleshooting Guide. This may assist you in rectifying any issues and/or identifying the cause of any issues you may be experiencing.


During the warranty period, NEC’s service technicians will attempt to correct any issues that might be causing the product to fail. If the service technician is unable to resolve the issue, product replacement and repair options are provided to the customer.

The Customer must provide NEC with the model number, product serial number and original proof of purchase details.

Warranty Service Coverage:

  • Parts and labour specific to warranty failure and warranty term
  • Ground Shipping cost to return to NEC
  • Shipping cost to customer

Warranty Exclusions

Where NEC finds that the damage or defect was caused as described below, NEC will not repair the product at NEC’s cost.

  • Misuse /abuse of the product by the Customer
  • Customer failure to follow NEC’s operating and maintenance instructions
  • Connection of product to incorrect voltage or non-authorised electrical connections
  • Operating the product without sufficient ventilation, exposure to excessive heat, dust, smoke, moisture, corrosive conditions
  • Image persistence, also known as screen burn-in
  • Alterations/repairs performed by a person not authorised by NEC

Process for “Dead On Arrival” Products (“DOA”)

On a rare occasion, a newly purchased NEC Display product is received by the Customer in non-working order or ceases to work in the first 30 days after purchase. This product is considered to be “Dead on Arrival” (“DOA”). NEC works diligently to avoid these situations but, unfortunately, they do arise from time to time.

Should you experience a DOA issue with your new product, you should complete and submit the Online Warranty Claim Form.


NEC Advanced Replacement Program

NEC’s standard three year warranty includes “Advanced Replacement” in the event of a product failure. What this means is that NEC will provide the Customer with a replacement product, so that the Customer experiences minimal downtime.

The process works as follows:

  • The Customer must accept NEC’s Terms and conditions to proceed with an advanced replacement unit. Insert warranty claim link
  • A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number will be issued to the Customer
  • NEC will ship a replacement unit to the customer. The replacement unit will be a refurbished /”like new” product. NEC cannot guarantee the exact model will be provided as a replacement
  • Title in the replacement unit will transfer from NEC to the Customer upon delivery to/receipt by the Customer
  • NEC will warrant the replacement unit for the balance of the original product’s warranty
  • The Customer must pack the defective product into the NEC Display product packaging and contact NEC to obtain shipping instructions. NEC will pay the return shipping costs
  • The defective unit must be shipped back to NEC within 21 days of receipt of the replacement product
  • The customer will be held solely responsible for shipping damage that occurs due to the use of packaging material other than the standard NEC Display packaging
  • Title in the defective product will transfer from the Customer to NEC upon receipt by NEC

DS Care Repair (an alternative to Advanced Replacement)

Sometimes replacement of the defective product with a "like new"/refurbished product is not possible or not desired by the Customer. In this situation, NEC offers the Service Repair program as an alternative to the Advanced Replacement program. All terms and conditions of the standard limited warranty apply.

The process works as follows:

  • A Service Incident (INC) number will be issued by NEC to the Customer
  • Once an INC number has been issued, NEC will dispatch a designated carrier to retrieve the defective product and return it to a NEC authorised facility
  • It is the responsibility of the Customer to properly package the return product and surrender the return product to the designated carrier. Please note that the customer will be held solely responsible for shipping damage that occurs due to the use of inferior packaging material
  • NEC strives to keep our repair times to a minimum. Total typical turnaround time will vary on a case by case basis, depending on the region and parts availability
  • NEC will return the repaired product to the customer by a designated carrier

Out-of-Warranty Service and repair

After expiration of the standard warranty, the Customer can continue to have its product serviced and /or repaired at one of NEC’s repair and service facilities. The Customer should contact the NEC support team and a technical service & support representative will provide details of the billable service/ repair options that are available.


NEC can offer warranty service enhancements to its Customers. The Customer must purchase /select a warranty enhancement at the time of or within 30 days of the date of product purchase.

NEC DS Care Gold Service Program

Onsite Gold DS Care Summary:

  • NEC service technicians will attempt to correct issues that might be causing product failure
  • Where the technician is unable to resolve the issue, NEC will ship a replacement unit of the same model or a substantially similar model from NEC’s Victorian warehouse to the Customer’s site at NEC’s cost
  • An NEC service technician will attend the Customer’s site at a mutually agreed time to de-install the faulty unit and install the replacement unit to a maximum height of 2.7m above ground level
  • Where equipment is installed more than 2.7 metres above ground level, it is the responsibility of the customer to provide and pay for access equipment which meets Australian WHS standards
  • NEC service technician will package the faulty unit and arrange for its return to NEC’s authorised repair facility at NEC’s cost
  • NEC service technician will re-calibrate the video-walls (if required)
  • Work will be performed between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank or public holidays
  • The Customer must provide NEC with the model number, serial number, purchase date and original proof-of-purchase documentation.

Extended Warranty

Standard warranty extensions may be available for certain products at the time of purchase. Pricing will be provided upon request. All terms and conditions of the standard limited warranty would apply to the extended warranty period.