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Brochure - SP350

Enabling communication and access to information in real time

SP350 SoftPhone embeds voice communication into established business processes to bring employees the instant communication and information they require. This versatile communications tool offers an extensive array of high-quality video, audio, voice and text features.

The SP350 SoftPhone is a multimedia IP phone installed on a personal computer or laptop. It delivers high-quality voice communication using a USB-connected headset/handset. Employees can use it as a primary desktop telephone, as a supplemental desktop telephone or as a remote/telecommuting device.

Share Real-Time Information and Ideas

  • Audio and video conferencing - offers easy set-up and participation in conference calls
  • Presence - provides the status of the users who are trying to be reached before a call is placed
  • Markup pen - enables users to redline a portion of a shared document
  • Whiteboard - gives users the ability to review, create and update graphic designs in real-time
  • Instant message/chat - helps users correspond in real time
  • File transfer - provides an easy method to send one or more files
  • Call log - enables employees to store information about outgoing/incoming calls and missed calls, as well as files on any recorded calls
  • Call Record - helps users keep a recording of calls as well as measure performance, improve training, ensure compliance and evaluate overall performance