NEC is proud to be contributing to all 17 sustainable development goals, including gender equality. We must recognise that without equality we create echo chambers which serve as a disservice to society. There is a particular responsibility on the shoulders of companies like NEC who are developing solutions for the wider community to make sure we include the voices of many in the solutions we develop. More simply, a diversified workforce can help companies achieve more positive impacts on society.

NEC Australia would like to take a moment to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the globe and may this series serve as a reminder to make sure we are all acting to accelerate equality not just within the IT sector, but in all aspects of our lives.

You all have your own stories and now is a chance to bring some of these stories to life through the ‘NEC Women in Business Series’. We would like to thank those who volunteered to be a part of this series.


There is so much to be learnt every day and it’s how we take those opportunities to learn and grow that really make the difference in our development. Watch more of Kate’s interview as part of our NEC Australia Women in Business Series.


You can have everything but not all at once! Listen to Jodie’s take on how she juggles roles between work, family, and social lives as part of our NEC Australia Women in Business Series.


You must build a support team around you because no one truly progresses on their own. Rosemary shares her wisdom as part of our NEC Australia Women in Business Series.


Back yourself! Having the confidence to know you can do something is half the battle when it comes to making sure you don’t restrict yourself or your career. Wilma talks more about what she would tell her 18 year old self as part of our NEC Australia Women in Business Series.


How can we support more women to join the STEM industry? Watch Meera as she discusses how we can show women and young girls that they can succeed in the tech industry and that it doesn’t have to be a male dominated industry.


There is no superwomen! Work on your passions and make these your motivations. Marina talks about prioritising, prioritising and the need for many of us to choose what we need to focus on without feeling pressure to live up to what we think society wants us to live up to.


Have faith in yourself and take risks! You don’t need to tick every box to be competent and Mel talks more about how we need to start taking more risks and putting ourselves out there because at the end of the day we don’t need to know everything to be successful.


“I am a massive, massive advocate for women in IT”. Nadia discusses the need to be more proactive in speaking to women at universities and asking how can we help you? How can we work with you to get more women in IT.

Asako san

If you try something and don’t like it that’s ok but when we close the window at the entry point how can we expect to grow the female community in STEM areas?

Naoko san

Women don’t need to aim for perfection but rather be authentically YOU!


Female leaders have made significant strides but how often are we talking about these women at home, at school or in the media?


We need to see more women promoted into leadership and senior leadership roles along with a genuine move to flexible working hours to promote the employment and retention of women in the Tech industry.