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Move your Contact Centre agents home in 48 hours

Move your Contact Centre agents home in 48 hours

As companies and governments are increasingly asking employees to work from home due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, NEC is here to help.

To aid in your quick transition to a home-based work environment for your contact centre agents, we are offering CX Plus@Home – a no charge option to use CX Plus, our enterprise-grade cloud contact centre platform until 30th June 2020.

CX Plus@Home benefits

Keep Employees Safe

Like any environment in which many colleagues are working in close physical proximity to one another, contact centres can be at risk for spreading germs even under the best of circumstances.

Having agents work from the office during an outbreak could increase the chances of the infection passing among them and further reducing your agent availability. Consider your employees’ commuting on public transport, which exposes them to greater risk.

Shift Work Across Locations

Flexibility to quickly and dynamically change the physical location of your contact centre is another essential tool in handling fast-moving emergencies. Generally, this can involve closing one or more locations and rerouting customer or citizen inquiries to one or more alternative locations (internal or with Business Process Outsourcing / BPO partners) or distributing contacts across multiple active sites to better handle spikes in volume.

CX Plus supports contact centres and work-from-home agents in over 100 countries in a single software instance, allowing a global queue and high-quality, low latency voice service.

Move Fast to Support Customers

Many businesses and government entities have already seen a large spike in customer contacts since the COVID-19 outbreak. To continue serving customers and citizens in this dynamic environment, call centre software must have two very critical capabilities: elastic scalability and rapid changes to contact flows, IVR dialogs, and other operational processes.

Even if you are not already using an elastic, cloud native platform for your contact centre, it is possible to move to CX Plus within days if needed. The following resources below show how quickly CX Plus can help your organisation move.

Ensure Service Reliability

Paramount to providing service in the event of a pandemic affecting your area is to ensure that customers are always able to reach the contact centre even in the event of network or voice service outages. CX Plus has a global, geographically redundant cloud infrastructure with built-in elasticity to dynamically scale up or down based on demand. We proactively monitor and continuously forecast demand with reserves for immediate spikes in volume and ability to add data and storage capacity immediately.

Customers can rely on the 99.99% guaranteed availability on our carrier-grade network with global data centres and points of presence (POPs) as well as 24/7/365 network operations monitoring.

CX Plus@Home features

  • Up and running in 48 hours
  • No charge for CX Plus cloud software for 45 days*
  • No commitment, no contract
  • CX Plus Call Centre Bundle: Minimum 25 seats, no maximum
    • ACD/IVR
    • Audio recording
    • 5 GB active storage and 3 voice ports per agent
    • 99.99% availability

Simply fill out the form and a dedicated contact centre specialist will contact you to get started. Let us help you keep your agents safe and quickly ensure continuity of service to your customers during this potentially disruptive time.

*Nominal one-time activation fee applies. Offer valid until 30th June 2020.

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