Cyber Security


Cyber Security

Know sooner. Act faster. Sleep easier.

Cyber security threats are costing society and our economy more every day. NEC is on the front foot in the fight against cyber criminals, providing a full scope of services to local business and Government agencies across the globe.

Know sooner. Act faster. Sleep easier.

If your business is yet to suffer a cyber-attack, there is something you need to know – it may only be a matter of time and no organisation is immune. 

Part of the issues lies in our growing need for organisational interconnectedness. The prolific adoption of smart technologies and linking our communication devices makes businesses more agile and efficient, but this same model provides cyber criminals with a greater number of incursion points.

The faster the data breach can be identified and contained, the lower the costs. A study by Ponemon revealed the average time to detect a data breach is 191 days, whilst the average time to contain it is 66 days. The outcome can be critical, with an average total cost of $1.9M for incidents with less than 10,000 compromised records and a massive $6.3M when the number surpasses 50,000.

So how do you protect your business against the threat of such a terrible crime? Talk to NEC.

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Protecting your future every minute of the day

Cyber security is a strategic imperative - not a tactical activity.

Businesses are acknowledging that they are unable to do it alone. According to another Ponemon study, 70% of CISOs say a lack of competent in-house staff is what they worry about most when trying to defend their companies against cyber attacks.

As global cyber security leaders, NEC has developed solutions for businesses in all sectors. Working out of our Global Security Intelligence Centre (GSIC), our Security Operations Centre team will design a multi-level strategy involving monitoring, detection and response. You will enjoy full resource support 24x7x365. If we detect a cyber-threat, we will identify, contain and deal with it – quickly, effectively, permanently.

Benefits of a strong cybersecurity posture include an increase in customer trust and the ability to innovate and take risks that can lead to greater profitability. Get on the front foot.

Our cyber security framework


SOC: Multi-discipline trained team

Over 200 high clearance Cyber Executives employed


ISO27001 certified

Government policy aligned (ASD Top 35, ISM, PSPF)

Customer tested incident and event management processes


Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

Security intelligence from NEC's global SOC's, partners and customers


Specialist National Cyber Security Practice in Australia

State-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Adelaide

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