Giving your kids independence, while keeping them safe

30/5/22, 8:30 am

We all lament that kids in the last century had more freedom and independence than kids today. Whether it’s walking to school or catching the bus, we all want our kids to be independent, but we also want them to be safe.

NEC’s Smart Transport Services division is providing kids independence, while at the same time providing parents and carers peace of mind through our Student Travel Safe Management service.

Our Student Travel Safety Management service is the first of its kind in Australia. We work together with authorities, schools, and bus operators to provide a seamless experience for everyone involved.

By connecting our service to your child’s existing students’ card, or via an app that can be downloaded via Google Play and the Apple Store, we can provide parents, carers and schools information in real-time about students’ trips. We provide real-time visibility and alerts from when your child boards the bus right through to when they enter the school gate, and the same on the way home, thereby providing a layer of security and peace of mind for parents and carers.

At NEC we supply the hardware, software-as-a-service, mobile application, and installation of any required infrastructure to suit the needs of the school we are working with. As a vendor of technologies, a systems integrator, and a managed services provider we provide tomorrow’s solutions to today’s challenges.

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"Our Student Travel Safety Management service is the first of its kind in Australia, it provides parents and carers peace of mind while encouraging their kids to travel independently on public transport."

Richard Duggan

Richard Duggan
General Manager Critical Infrastructure, Smart Transport & IoT