How to get the most out of your public transport journey

27/5/22, 8:30 am

Mobile technology has irrevocably changed the way we live and interact with the rest of society. Convenience and efficiency are the driving forces behind our choices. Over 90% of the Australian population has a smartphone, including >80% of those over 65s.

Public transport systems should provide real-time information to passengers in a way that is easy to understand. This means that the systems should be designed in a way that is helpful, rather than confusing, for passengers who may not be very tech-savvy. Passengers should have the freedom to choose how much or little they wish to interact with real-time systems.

One way to make public transport journeys more seamless is to use a mobile app that provides real-time information. This way, passengers can plan their journey in advance and receive updates on delays, changes in schedule, and other important information. The app should also be easy to use and understand, with clear instructions on how to use the features.

NEC has developed an intuitive Customer Service App that can adapt and evolve along with the customer's journey. Our app combines best industry practices with the valuable experience we've gained from existing clients and projects. This way, passengers can use public transport effectively and effortlessly.

The NEC app is available for download in Google Play and the Apple Store, it can be tailored to suit transport authority or operators' needs and branding to provide a seamless user experience for passengers. The app allows passengers to navigate the app anonymously or as registered users. We have also built-in multiple fare media registration enabling passengers to pay how they like. Our app complies with the most up to date accessibility standards making it easy for everyone of all ages and ability to use the service.

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"NEC’s Customer Service App seamlessly delivers an incredible amount of information for customers, authorities and operators alike, all available on a simple, easy to use platform."

Richard Duggan

Richard Duggan
General Manager Critical Infrastructure, Smart Transport & IoT