How green is your display?

No, not the colour but the environmental impact of your display. Here are five things you should know about choosing displays that promote a positive influence on the environment.

Businesses make choices about how they operate. Who to sell to, how much to charge, how much to spend to get that sale are all necessary questions. The pace of technological adoption paired with faster upgrade cycles has led to a culture of buying and discarding.

In 2016, Australians generated an average of 23.6kg1 of e-waste2 per person. This is equal to a cube measuring 83m on each side, or half the volume of the MCG.3

Curbing this consumption and upgrade cycle means choosing better products. This means products that are responsible to both customer needs and the environment.

Five things to look for when choosing green displays

High Quality

Lower resource consumption because of durability and fewer repairs needed.

High Usage of
Recycled Materials

Reduces landfill and repurposes precious materials from existing products.

Production compliant with reduced emission standards

Lower carbon footprint from manufacturing processes.

Minimised Packing and Shipping

Reduced material consumption and waste while lighter weight contributes to lower fuel use in transportation.

Integrated Energy Saving

More efficient operation, using less electricity without compromising on performance.

For more information on NEC’s range of environmentally friendly display solutions see here


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Aleksandar Vukmirovic
Product Manager, Technical Pre-Sales


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