How do leaders, innovators and change makers create value, in an ever-changing world?

In our latest episode, Dylan interviews Nathan Basha. Nathan Basha is a motivational speaker who is pushing the boundaries. Nathan might happen to have Down Syndrome but he says, “That's not who I am”! From working at Nova Radio, to making films, Nathan Basha creates value and puts purpose and passion into everything he turns his hands to.

Hosted by Dylan Alcott (Olympian, NEC Ambassador, AO, Australian of the year and advocate for people with disabilities) the Creating Value Series delves inside the minds of politicians, CEO's and everyday Australian’s who are achieving the extraordinary, through a positive mindset.

From overcoming adversity, navigating personal and societal challenges, to busting stereotypes and championing the rights of others, our guests share the way they courageously lead and innovate.

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Nathan Basha