BayCom wins NEC UC Partner Award for a second straight year

New Zealand-based systems integrator BayCom has won NEC Australia-New Zealand’s Export Channel Partner of the Year award for Unified Communications for a second year running.

NEC Australia established an official partner program for New Zealand in 2017, with BayCom claiming the distinction of winning the 2018 and 2019 awards.

“The new partner program has been a great success with our team able to leverage a range of solution experts throughout NEC Australia which in turn contributed to a substantial increase in sales and value to our customers,” said BayCom’s Managing Director, Steve Bower.

The NEC award recognises partner achievements in the marketplace and helps build trust with prospective customers.

It also emphasises the credibility and proficiency of BayCom in New Zealand, leading the way in NEC UC integrations in the Australia-Pacific region.

The Export Channel Partner of the Year award highlights NEC’s commitment to its growing export market.

NEC Australia Director Infrastructure and Communications Sam Iacono said the awards demonstrate NEC’s commitment to Australia and New Zealand and its ability to deliver UC through a comprehensive network of highly skilled partners.

“NEC treasures its close relationships with our channel partners in Australia and New Zealand, especially as the nature of the sector changes almost every day,” said Sam.

“It is all about teamwork and each of our partners contributes to our collective success and we thank them for their commitment and hard work.”

“Our partner model in New Zealand ensures that businesses in that country have the best telephony support and services available. We are able to open a direct link between resellers, NEC and our knowledge centres, including our solutions architects abroad.”

“BayCom sits proudly as an Advanced Reseller, offering a complete range of unified communications, IP telephony, contact centres, mobility solutions, video conferencing and network services,” Sam Iacono said.

About BayCom

BayCom is a 100% locally-owned company that has been designing innovative and robust solutions for New Zealand businesses for over a decade. BayCom began with a clear focus - to understand our client’s specific business requirements then design and build a solution that makes them more efficient, productive and profitable.

From a technology standpoint, we have a capability that can match, and quite often, surpass the big operators. And because we’re smaller, we move faster, we’re more flexible and provide a level of personal service that only happens when you’re dealing directly with a dedicated team of professionals. For more information, visit BayCom

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