NEC and The Dylan Alcott Foundation partner to provide Educational Support to Cameron Wator

The Dylan Alcott Foundation in partnership with NEC are honoured to offer a bursarship to Cameron Wator to assist in his studies. NEC and the DAF have committed to providing $10,000 per year throughout the remainder of his education to contribute to Cameron furthering his knowledge in the IT space.

Cameron made his way through many other applicants to shine through as a highly motivated individual and a keystone of his community. He is currently in his second year of university, pursuing a Bachelor of Information Technology degree at Deakin University in Burwood. Cameron has - since birth - lived with cerebral palsy. Despite physical limitations, it has never served as an impediment to his positive outlook on life and desire to achieve success. He applied to the NEC/DAF Scholarship, as he felt it could be a, “once in a lifetime opportunity”. He saw it as an investment into his own future and exposure to the real world of IT.

Cameron has a desire to mature and grow his passion for IT through leaning in hands on situations through his mentorship with NEC. He intends to gain the essential skills and experience required to embark on a career in IT. Throughout his degree, Cameron hopes to have the opportunity to explore different IT areas and collaborate with like minded peers.

“NEC has been delighted to be able to partner with the Dylan Alcott Foundation in supporting Cameron’s studies in the area of information technology. We believe strongly in his talent and passion”, said Mitsuhiro Murooka - Managing Director and CEO of NEC ANZ.

Cameron remains focused and motivated to maintain his academic levels whilst on the NEC/DAF Scholarship. He feels it would effectively eliminate the barriers of entry for him, enabling him to challenge himself and grow personally by providing him with real life industry experience.

“It’s been a goal of mine since we launched the foundation to grant someone further education in their chosen university degree. To be able to partner with NEC and find Cameron, who is so passionate about the IT space, I couldn’t be more pleased”, said Dylan Alcott - Founder of the Dylan Alcott Foundation.

The scholarship is a great incentive for Cameron to do well in his studies knowing that others, beside his family and friends, believe in him and his ability. “The whole experience would be life changing,” he states.

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