NEC and Optus continue their partnership to deliver Australian Taxation Office Managed Network Services

NEC Australia and Optus are pleased to announce a continuation of the partnership between the two companies as they work together over the next three years to deliver the Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) Managed Network Services (MNS). Optus has held the ATO’s MNS since 2009 and NEC has been a strong partner for the past 12 years assisting in the successful delivery of the services to the ATO.

“The partnership brings together the best-in-class technology and expertise from both NEC and Optus as they continue to partner together to build value for the ATO’s internal and external stakeholders.” Milan Djuricic, Vice President - Managed Services.

When the ATO approached the market in December of 2019 the MNS contract was adapted to make way for six new MNS contract bundles. Each of the bundles was intended to be better market aligned than the previous arrangement. NEC was invited by Optus, as an exclusive partner, to provide services in support of Optus for the ATO account. Optus and NEC will work together to provide services within three of the six MNS contract bundles, Network Manager, Contact Centre and Unified Communications.

Each of the three awarded contract bundles holds an initial three-year term, with three two-year extension options.

“NEC and Optus have a very complementary partnership on the ATO account, and has allowed us to look at other areas where we can team up and strengthen each other’s offerings in the Market” Roger Barlow, National Sales Manager.

Mitsuhiro Murooka, President & CEO – ANZ said “When delivering Managed Network services we live our values, and there is no better example of us ‘Orchestrating a brighter world’ than what we are doing here with Optus; working together to build value for ATO’s customers and staff.”.

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