NEC announces new Managing Director for Australia/New Zealand

NEC Corporation has today announced that Mitsuhiro Murooka has been appointed as the new Managing Director responsible for its Australia - New Zealand (ANZ) operations.

Since joining NEC Corporation, Mitsuhiro has consistently been engaged with global sales and marketing operations in management roles.

He has worked for NEC in global markets such as Hong Kong and Shanghai in the Greater China region and California in North America for 17 years.

After a 6+ year assignment as Vice President at NEC Corporation of America, he served as NEC’s General Manager of the Americas Division and subsequently Global Corporate Sales Division at Tokyo HQs.

He took on the responsibility for Government and International Organization Relations and Business as Vice President, in addition to multiple global business operations as Member of the Board.

In announcing the appointment today, Kiko Kumagai, Senior Executive Vice President, NEC Corporation said;

“I am confident that his open-minded leadership and decades of experience in various ICT fields will further enrich and strengthen the company’s forward direction”.

“We welcome Mitsuhiro to his new role as Managing Director and a member of the ANZ team,” Mr Kumagai said.

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