NEC Australia and TassieLink partner to deliver a better experience for Tassie commuters

NEC Australia (NECA) today announced it has partnered with TassieLink Transit to help deliver a safer and more efficient experience for commuters travelling within the most extensive bus network in Tasmania.

In a Tassie first, NECA has deployed its Transit Management System across the entire TassieLink fleet. Available using a mobile app, created by NextThere, passengers can easily and efficiently check real-time service updates on TassieLink bus services on their mobile devices.

The app enables passengers to keep track of bus services, travel times, stop arrivals and delays in real-time, helping them plan their journey around unseen interruptions such as roadworks, accidents, traffic congestion or weather events.

Richard Duggan, General Manager of Critical Infrastructure, Smart Transport & IoT, NEC, said the new system will deliver increased confidence to commuters and the broader community.

“We’re thrilled to partner with TassieLink and deliver Tasmania’s first fully automated, real time passenger update service,” he said.

“Safety and efficiency are key focus areas for TassieLink given its expansive footprint into remote and regional areas of Tasmania. NEC’s smart transport solutions, like the new Transit Management System, deliver increased safety and peace of mind - not just to the local commuters but to families, schools, carers and service providers like TassieLink.”

Shane Dewsbery, Managing Director, TassieLink, said the new system perfectly addresses the needs of TassieLink’s customers.

“Tassie is a unique landscape, and our services are vital for so many locals to get to where they need to be,” he said.

“Real time updates with the new Transport Management System means we will keep our commuters better informed of any delays or changes to their chosen service.”

“This means better planning and navigation of their journey; vulnerable travellers can reduce the time spent waiting at isolated bus stops; and parents or guardians of passengers can monitor the bus journeys in real time making pick-ups and drop offs significantly safer and easier to plan,” said Mr Dewsbery.

NEC’s Transport Management Solution is available via a free mobile application (iOS users) or mobile website (Android users). TassieLink buses are equipped with QR codes to allow for easy download for all passengers.

“This is a very exciting first step in a more connected Tasmania. NEC’s smart transport technology solutions have the potential to completely transform the way we live our lives. We look forward to continuing our work with TassieLink and creating a bright future for the Tasmanian community,” said Mr Duggan.

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