NEC Australia features in top graduate employee list

Melbourne - In just its second year as an entrant, NEC Australia has been named prominently on the Australian Association of Graduate Employers Honours list for 2019.

NEC Australia has been ranked an impressive 27th of the 75 Australian companies who make the final list.

The AAGE rankings are viewed as the definitive guide to the peak companies for graduates seeking employment opportunities in Australia.

The full list can be found here;

The AAGE determines the rankings based on graduate’s surveys oF their experience with their adoptive employer and on 25 categories.

These include Training and Development, Quality of Work, Work/Life Balance and Career Progression opportunities.

The surveys are received from over 3000 graduates in more than 130 Australian companies who have entered the AAGE program.

The survey follows 12 months of placement with the graduate’s respective employer.

NEC Australia’s Managing Director Mike Barber has spoken about the company’s excitement at being named as a top Australian graduate employer;

“This news is testament to the team that is NEC Australia,” Mike Barber said.

“With 1800 employees spread across Australia we are not a small operation, but we strive to work as a tight unit, learning from each other, where each team member fits in and what is the best way forward for our valued customers.

“To come in so highly in the AAGE rankings at 27 in just our second year entered speaks volumes, telling us that our graduates are firstly enjoying themselves here at NEC, but see a valued place for themselves in our organisation.

“Put simply, they like us and we love having them as part of the team,” Mike Barber said.

In 2019 eight graduates are engaged in NEC Australia’s graduate program in its IT and Managed services sectors.

NEC Australia will soon be searching for its next graduate cohort, beginning with its presence at numerous employment expos around the country.

The selection process will begin mid-2019 with the next graduate program commencing January 2020.

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