NEC Australia helps bring digital art to life at Sydney Living Museums’ annual art commission

NEC Australia today announced it has teamed up with Sydney Living Museums’ to help deliver its annual art commission as principal partner.

As part of the partnership, NEC has provided a completely customised, digital LED canvas to deliver ‘Boundary Conditions’, an interpretive artwork by renowned artist Daniel Crooks which explores Sydney’s Hyde Park Barracks’ relationship with pre-colonial, colonial and contemporary Australia.

NEC worked closely with Crooks to develop a wholistic, custom solution to help bring ‘Boundary Conditions’ to life. It was important for visitors to be given the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the imagery displayed on the screen.

Using its world-leading LED technology, NEC created a 9mx7m solution, which will stand in front of Hyde Park Barracks in the famed landmark’s courtyard.

The very high-resolution screen, the PRO E 026 D, has pixels spaced only 2.6mm apart which will provide a truly immersive experience and enable visitors to approach the screen closely enough that it would fill their entire field of vision.

Sam Iacono, Vice President of Infrastructure & Communications, NEC, said, “Our partnership with Sydney Living Museums is the perfect opportunity for NEC to demonstrate our world-leading technology and expertise in display solutions and bring a very talented artist’s works to life.”

“Our Display team has worked tirelessly to create the right solution that will deliver Daniel Crooks’ ‘Boundary Conditions’ the way he envisions it – capturing the imagination of the audience and taking them on a journey through time.

‘Boundary Conditions’ opens to the public on June 9 and can be viewed free of charge at Hyde Park Barracks courtyard, Macquarie Street, Sydney.

“Customised screen solutions have the power to transform experiences and create new ways for viewers interact with the content. We are incredibly excited to have our technology at the forefront of Hyde Park Barrack’s latest exhibition,” said Mr Iacono.

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