NEC Australia Immersion changing the game

Yesterday NEC Australia brought together some of the best minds in Australia as part of Immersion: Game Changers; the next in creating value. This virtual event was designed to stimulate new ways of thinking, create optimism, explore the connection between humanity and technology and pave the way for leaders to future proof new ideas and lead customer-centric organisations.

Immersion brought together an agenda of rethinking business models, digital transformation for enterprise and government and changing mindsets.

The event included panel discussions, interviews and briefings from leaders in leaders in Australian government and enterprise, covering:

  • The future of humanity and technology in a world of accelerating change
  • Envisioning Australia’s smartest, safest and most sustainable cities
  • Rethinking possibilities for customer and citizen-centred design
  • The impact of strategy, data, science and technology in sport

From Gabby Leibovich, founder of Catch of the Day, Scoopon and EatNow (now Menulog), talking digital disruption and his entrepreneurial experiences developing digital businesses, to Geoff Roberts AM, Chief Commissioner, Greater Sydney Commission, highlighting the need for Government and enterprise to work together to secure the success of Australia’s future smart cities.

David Borean, Vice President Brand and Customer Experience at NEC Australia said Immersion was specially developed to inspire new ideas and challenge new ways of living and working.

“Each of the presenters and panellist at Immersion this year embody what it is to be a game changer. They are leaders in their field who have helped shape Australian business and continue to influence its future,” he said.

“NEC’s position as a leader in the technology sector gives us a unique perspective into Australia’s connected, technology-centric future. Tapping into our own expertise and partnerships with other leaders through events like Immersion provide invaluable insights that will hopefully inspire new ways of thinking and create a brighter future for Australia.”

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