NEC Australia joins the National Gallery of Victoria for its ‘Melbourne Now 2023’ Exhibition

NEC Australia is pleased to announce the continuation of its partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), providing support for Melbourne Now 2023, a gallery-wide exhibition at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia which returns ten years on from the inaugural exhibition in 2013.

With a leading role in providing the latest in LED canvas technology, NEC’s screens are featured in Melbourne Now’s Community Hall, a public programs space that hosts daily events and presentations in celebration of the artists, designers, studios and firms featured in the exhibition.

NEC’s involvement in Melbourne Now also marks the continuation of a proud partnership that originated from NGV Triennial 2020 where visitors experienced the radical visualizations by media artist and pioneer in aesthetics of machine intelligence, Refik Anadol, through cutting-edge large-scale immersive multimedia displays and LED technology.

"We at NEC are delighted to be using the world’s leading technology to platform the latest art, architecture, design, and cultural practice shaping Melbourne and Victoria that will be viewed and experienced by hundreds of thousands of people in 2023,” said NEC ANZ CEO Jason Price.

“It allows us to celebrate the state’s new and ambitious local art scene and contemporary projects to showcase and support the works of local collectives, emerging, mid-career and senior practitioners in the state through the latest in LED technology.”

Benjamin Ducroz, Head of Multimedia, NGV said ‘The NGV’s partnership with NEC supports digital outputs at Melbourne Now 2023 in the exhibition’s public programs space Community Hall to display programming, artist profile content, and digital signage. We are delighted to utilise NEC’s LED technology which is of an outstanding quality and delivers fantastic brightness and colour.’

“We are incredibly excited to provide the finest local Victorian artists with the most advanced technology and tools needed to enhance the viewership and reach of their work,” said NEC Australia’s General Manager, Digital Display, Stuart Wyse.

“We believe our signature digital LED canvases are the forefront of innovation and design. Delivering vibrant, engaging and colour-accuracy, they are highly regarded by the Arts and Entertainment industry. This purpose-designed LED technology is the perfect fit for multi-media exhibitions. It allows great flexibility and sustainability as it can easily be repurposed for future exhibitions at NGV.”

Melbourne Now is open until 20 August 2023 at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, Federation Square, Melbourne.

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