NEC Australia to provide REFIK ANADOL’s giant LED “canvas” for the National Gallery of Victoria’s “Triennial 2020” exhibition

NEC Australia has today proudly announced its supporting partnership of the National Gallery of Victoria’s (NGV’s) flagship exhibition “NGV Triennial 2020”, with a key role to provide the digital LED canvas to display Quantum Memories, the first true quantum artwork created by world-renowned media artist, director and pioneer in the aesthetics of machine intelligence, Refik Anadol.

Visitors to the NGV Triennial will experience an ever-changing large-scale immersive multimedia artwork displayed on NEC’s world-leading LED technology. Anadol paints with a thinking brush, offering us radical visualisations of our digitised memories of the natural realm, exploring the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and quantum computing.

“We at NEC Australia are extremely proud to be able to join Refik Anadol and NGV in this exciting art project that will be viewed by potentially hundreds of thousands of people on a massive 10 metre X 10 metre NEC screen in NGV’s Federation Court,” said NEC Australia’s General Manager, Digital Display, Stuart Wyse.

“This will literally be a massive blank canvas provided by us for Refik Anadol to use as his own, and we are incredibly excited that NEC will provide him with what will be the largest LED screen NGV has deployed.

“We believe it is the best choice for this exhibition and for the finest in his field to be using our signature digital canvas that is our XE Series LED from our highly regarded Xtreme series range of LED, it is perfect for not only this exhibition, but allows flexibility to be easily repurposed for future events at NGV,” Stuart Wyse said.

By representing the complexity of our collective memory, Refik Anadol encourages us to imagine the beginning of a quantum computerised mind and its immense potential for the future of art and design.

Tony Ellwood AM, Director, NGV said: “Quantum Memories is the largest digital artwork staged by the NGV and we are delighted to partner with NEC Australia to present this ground-breaking project [on their LED screen]”.

“This is a very exciting partnership for NEC Australia and a privilege to partner with NGV Triennial 2020,” NEC Australia’s Vice President, Infrastructure and Communications, Sam Iacono said.

“NEC is all about the best of technology meeting the best of humanity, and Refik’s epic work on our digital canvas will provide a perfect example of that.

“NEC is always looking for ways to ‘orchestrate a brighter world’, our global mantra, and NGV Triennial 2020 will show just what the bringing together of art, technology and imagination can do,” Sam Iacono said.

Refik Anadol’s epic scale work will be on display for the duration of NGV Triennial 2020, 19 December 2020 through to 18 April 2021, at NGV’s famed Federation Court in Melbourne.

“As a media artist and designer, my primary materials are data and light,” said Refik.

“For Quantum Memories, being able to push the boundaries of these two materials, as well as the opportunity to experience the convergence of cutting-edge imagination and display technology, will be unforgettable,” he said.

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