NEC embraces Government strategy regarding IT and the digital economy

NEC Australia welcomes the government’s announcement regarding its direction for digital strategy and IT plans for the future as outlined in its Digital Economy Strategy. The Australian government has shown leadership in its embracing of digital technologies to help secure the safety of Australian citizens, as well as the security and efficient operations of Australian businesses and organisations.

The Australian Government has indicated it intends to, “[be] a leading digital economy and society by 2030”.

“NEC is proud to help work with Australian Government organisations to provide technology and services to benefit the wellbeing of more than 25 million residents of this country,” said Mitsuhiro Murooka, NEC ANZ President and CEO.

NEC aligned with the national Digital Taskforce in 2020, during the early stages of preparing the nation’s strategy towards a strategic approach to digital technologies.

The Government is invested in building infrastructure and incentives to build Australia’s digital economy in a wide range of areas, including artificial intelligence, service delivery, upskilling, data management and delivery, security, safety and trust.

“The Australian Government has expressed leadership in rolling out these initiatives to help service the Australian public. The future success of Australia will depend on being able to access and benefit from the combination of smart technology as applied to public infrastructure. NEC has a long history of supporting Government programmes,” said Mike Mrdak, Executive Chairperson at NEC Australia.

“We’re looking forward to working with the Government to help deliver the solutions the Government plans to implement in coming years,” he concluded.

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