Multiline Client Softphone

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Your Mobile Workforce Stays Professionally Connected

Today’s businesses face many challenges, none more important than having staff working remotely. Having secure communications between the office and many remote locations requires a robust communications product and that is where the NEC Multiline Client Softphone for Windows and MAC delivers for a business. It extends the reach of your staff and allows for increased efficiency and flexibility.

NEC’s Multiline Client Softphone allows responses to be immediate, regardless of the user’s location—meeting the challenge of availability, so important to customers and colleagues.

At a glance

  • Your remote workforce stays professionally connected with the NEC Multiline Client Softphone
  • Supported on NEC’s SL2100, UNIVERGE SV9100, SV9300 and SV9500 communications platforms
  • Emulates the intuitive interface of an NEC 32 button self-labeling phone on a laptop or personal computer for a consistent user experience
  • Provides access to voicemail with Message Waiting Indicator Light
  • Enables programming of ringtones and configuration of soft-keys
  • Offers access to the majority of SV9000 series system features
  • Enables easy transfer of calls to mobile devices and desktop telephones
  • Operates internally on corporate wired and wireless networks or outside the network on a reliable VPN connection
  • Integrates with web-based SV9100 UC Suite
  • Syncs and provides access to Microsoft® Outlook® contacts
  • Provides access to Call Logs (Missed, Outgoing and Incoming calls)
  • Supports Bluetooth® and wired headsets
  • User-Friendly Interface – Little or no staff training required
  • Customisable Function Keys – Soft-keys can be adapted to the exact individual requirements of each employee