On-site wireless communications on your IP network

Today’s business environment demands flexible ways of working and excellent customer services. Organizations seek to extend the reach of their converged voice and data network and integrate wireless communications without compromising on voice quality, availability and security. NEC’s Business Mobility IP DECT realises all of this, and much more.

Combining the benefits of IOP and DECT Technologies

NEC’s IP DECT delivers on-site wireless telephony that uniquely combines the benefits of IP technology with the superior quality and facilities of the well-established DECT technology. A configuration typically consists of Access Points (APs), and DECT handsets. The APs connect to the IP network and form a DECT system that provides peer-to-peer IP communications.

Add sophisticated DECT wireless communications to your network

With IP DECT, a single converged network provides both fixed and wireless telephony. Wireless communications in a multi-site company or large campus environment is a matter of installing Access Points at remote locations, with no need for additional remote equipment. These remote locations become an integral part of your central communication infrastructure.

Proven reliability across all levels

DECT has been around for a while and still is the best possible mobility solution for practically all businesses. For one, it offers the ultimate in reliability - in terms of scalability, security and coverage. Its secure dedicated frequency band makes it totally free from interference, while encryption and security are standard. And once installed it never fails.

Corporate directory

IP DECT provides users access to the company’s corporate directory. At all times the telephone numbers and names of the entire organization are at hand. No need to search for personal contact information or consult the nearest PC screen, just browse to the right person in your DECT handset.

NEC IP DECT interoperability to support the sip protocol

NEC IP DECT is an open system that can potentially interconnect with platforms from any vendor that supports the SIP protocol.

Way into the future IP and DECT technologies

Since its standardisation, DECT has developed into the most successful and favourite technology for wireless on-premises communications. Over the years many innovations have been introduced, and NEC has been at the forefront of all of these.

Today, IP DECT plays an important role in connecting and integrating devices, applications and data. It allows to dynamically design, manage and streamline meaningful workflows across an organization.

Looking to the future, private 5G promises to become a viable option for organizations wanting to deploy their own mobile network without being dependent on a particular operator.