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Passenger Information and Transit Management Systems

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Passenger Information and Transit Management Systems

Improving services for commuters & passengers

NEC’s Transit Management and Passenger Information Systems offer Public Transport Authorities and Public Transport Operators with cutting-edge, data-driven solutions for fleet planning and location monitoring, and operational performance management. The real-time, multi-user platform incorporates a range of modular solutions:

Service performance and planning
On-time performance and service predictability can all be improved by monitoring service and schedules, adherence to predicted arrival times and the monitoring of wait times.

Incident Management
Provides incident visibility and management to maximise fleet utilisation via voice and data messaging.

Data collection and Analysis
Offers rich, real-time data over short time periods. NEC provides tools for data analysis to support operational performance, asset utilisation and patronage reporting.

Passenger Information & Transit Management Systems

Passengers are at the core of the service management platform that has been designed to enhance their experience.

Passenger Information Systems

NEC’s real-time “prediction engine” uses multi-dimensional statistics and correlations which, by monitoring vehicle location, route, route progress and routing deviations, provides passengers with accurate arrival times and for passengers waiting for the arrival of next services.

Onboard Visual & Audio Annunciation

Multilingual audio and text service announcements and information onboard. By monitoring variables such as vehicle, route, speed, distance to travel and any expected deviations, the progress of the vehicle is communicated to passengers for every stop on the route.

Data Analysis and Real Time Management

Monitoring progress in real time, against predicted route, taking into account any deviations, to monitoring over several defined performance variables such as wait times.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence and visualisation tools, dashboards and reporting capability to provide operational performance insights.

Smart Transportation

Transport Management Systems value added solutions

NEC can provide several additional and valuable extensions and systems to TMS that provide additional benefits. These include:

  • Eco-drive sensors and telematics that monitor and analyse speeding events, idling, steering, braking and lane departures. Sensors are linked and activated to provide visual clues and alerts to drivers and data is collated by a centralised tracking and reporting system.
  • Data analytics identifying high-risk driving behaviours for proactive mitigation.
  • Analysis of vehicle bunching and gapping to assist maintaining regular spacing to reduce wait times and to increase arrival predictability.

Key features & benefits of NEC’s TMS & PIS solutions

Ease of use

Multi-modal application.

Enhanced Passenger Experience

Predictable and safer journeys.

Integrate with biometrics

Extend passenger authentication methods to include biometrics for rapid and effortless boarding and alighting.

Transport mode integration

Ability to integrate new and emerging transport modes (rideshare, on demand, scooters etc.).

Service Issue Detection

Driver and vehicle monitoring systems allowing for the detection of potential issues such as, speeding, off-route service alerts, excessive braking, idling, harsh steering and lane departures.

Analytics & BI

Data repository than enables performance evaluation supported by dashboards.

Smart Transportation
Smart Transportation

Who should use Passenger Information Systems & Transit Management Systems

NEC Australia is leading the way for a seamless and safe passenger experience. NEC has a broad range of solutions within its Passenger Information and Transit Management suites that are adaptable and scalable to your requirements.

NEC partners with public transport authorities and public transport operators to deliver:

  • Improved passenger satisfaction and safety – improved predictability of services.
  • Integration to multiple technologies residing in other modes, including Ticketing and Automated Fare Collection.
  • Multi-modal application – bus, rail, light rail, etc.
  • A full turnkey solution from design, build and commission, with a proven track record of collaboration with local partners and authorities worldwide.
  • On network and in-vehicle, bus telematics systems and transportation control systems to enhance service performance and drive customer satisfaction.
  • Passenger access to data online or on-the-go via mobile applications.

NEC partners with public transport authorities and public transport operators to provide scalable solutions that optimise operational performance, enhance customer satisfaction and improve network safety.

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