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On-site wireless telephony on your IP Network


IP DECT Access Points

Specifications Capacity Access Points Dimensions Weight
 AP400 12 Channels 750 146x174x43 302 g

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Combines IP technology with the superior quality of DECT

NEC’s Business Mobility IP DECT provides on-site wireless telephony in a unique solution that combines the benefits of IP technology with the superior quality and facilities of DECT.

The IP DECT AP400 Access Points connect directly to the IP network and can be used both on NEC platforms as well as on different brand PBX platforms with a SIP interface.

AP400 series is also designed to offer new CAT-iq based features such as HD-voice.

Brochure - IP DECT AP400


  • Next generation Access Points designed for CAT-iq
  • Connect directly to IP network
  • Crystal clear speech and seamless handover
  • Full security and speech encryption
  • Scalable up to 750 APs in one network
  • High availability by redundancy and virtualisation options
  • Open SIP interface to various PBX platforms
  • Compatible with existing AP200 and AP300 Access Points
  • Mountable on wall and ceiling