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Transport Management Solution

Leveraging the power of ICT to solve social & economic issues

Transport Management Solution

Easing traffic congestion in public transport

NEC is leveraging the power of data and technology to solve social, environmental and economic issues such as traffic congestion. By applying our global experience, cultivated over many years in delivering successful projects, NEC is pioneering change for more eco-friendly public transport systems. Transport Management System is the integration of several solutions for effective transport management. These include:

Schedule Optimisation System
This uses the Excess Wait Time (EWT) index to evaluate vehicle operation reliability by measuring the average additional wait time that passengers experience at depots and stops. The closer EWT is to zero the better the regularity and predictability of service.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Reduce commercial vehicle accidents using vehicle operational data, through our telematics platform and access to incident footage.

Driver Performance System
Analyse data from fleet systems, driver behavioural data and driver performance data using telematics and sensors to predict increased risks and mitigations such as enhanced driver training.

Schedule Optimisation System

The Schedule Optimisation System (SOS) provides the bus schedules per route that hit the lowest EWT, optimising the bus operator’s corporate asset, such as available fleets and bus drivers.

The SOS also considers any restrictions such as bus travel time between stops and between depots as well as labour factors such as break time and The Schedule Optimisation System is designed to enhance operator performance and passenger experience by achieving the lowest excess waiting time, optimising fleet utilisation and driver allocation. It also considers any maximum working hours.

This system is adaptable and scalable to bus operators of all sizes and across multiple locations.

Smart Transportation

SOS Features

Key features of the Schedule Optimisation System  (SOS)

Analytics engine and visualisation

Analyse the data to drive optimal asset allocations and vehicle interval regularity. Accidents are predicted using driving behaviour with visualisation of driver profiles, training history and accident prediction.

Data collection and analysis

Regarding travel times, route information, current and predicted vehicle location, driver shift information and driver analytics.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

NEC’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is designed to reduce vehicle accidents and modify driving behaviours through the application of vehicle, operational, telematics data and video content.

This is a cost effective, cloud-based solution, accessible anywhere at any time.

Smart Transportation

ADAS Features

Key features of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)


Data is aggregated, analysed and presented that enables informed decision making. This includes key telematics data such as vehicle acceleration, braking, idling, steering and important vehicle locational data.

Data uploads

Can include drive recorders, video footage and sensors using mobile devices to aid with driver development, planning and scheduling.

Cost Benefits

Reduced maintenance and operating costs and smarter fleet utilisation.

Driver Performance System

The Driver Performance System (DPS) draws together data to present clients with a snapshot of their driving cohort’s record and service delivery performance; including incidents of speeding, harsh braking, harsh steering and idling time, as well as recorded safety incidents and motor vehicle accidents with/without injuries, compliments and complaints.

Smart Transportation

DPS Features

Key features of the Driver Performance System (DPS)

Predictive Analysis

Accidents are predicted analysing data, relevant to driving behaviour, key driver attributes and vehicle information leveraged by NEC’s machine learning algorithm.

Analytics Visualisation

Visualisation of driver profiles, training history, and accident prediction results provide public transport operators with invaluable insights on the performance of their frontline personnel and offers a foundation for ongoing staff development.

Benefits & Features

Ease of use

End-to-end solution for analysing behaviour, predicting accidents and maximising efficiencies

Enhanced driver capability

Know when driver behaviour changes or requires assistance or training

Network using mobile services

Real time data transmission and analysis via mobile networks

Real time intervention and assistance

Avoid accidents and intervene in real time to enhance driver, passenger and other road-user safety

Schedule optimisation and cost reduction

Assign the correct number of vehicles to minimise Excess Waiting Times, enhance the passenger experience, realise operational cost benefits and reduce unnecessary waste

Who should use NEC Transport Management System?

NEC’s market leading Transport Management Solution is scalable and adaptable to public transport operator businesses of all sizes, across all regions. Our cost-effective solution enables for improved passenger experience, safety and modelling right driving behaviours.

Partnering with NEC will result in:

  • Effective fleet utilisation and optimisation
  • Improved safety
  • Optimised driver performance
  • Reduction in collisions

NEC partners with public transport authorities and public transport operators to provide scalable solutions that optimise operational performance, enhance customer satisfaction and improve network safety.

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