Is Knowledge Management the key to customer and employee satisfaction?

8/5/24, 8:30 am

Prioritising Knowledge Management over the traditional CX maturity model

Can a Cloud-based KMS elevate your CX?

Jim Chryssikos, National Portfolio Manager – Customer Experience Solutions


Manually updated files stored on hard drives don’t cut it in 2024

Knowledge Management is gaining a profile as part of a dynamic pairing with Conversational AI that challenges the traditional CX Maturity Model.

Knowledge Management is how we identify, organise, store and share information across organisations – beyond the hard drive. It’s about everyone within the business having access to the same single source of truth (SSOT), giving service agents, back office and management access to accurate, aligned and current information.

A robust Knowledge Management System (KMS) becomes vital as work changes and organisations move towards Cloud-based capability.


Knowledge Management is more than an encyclopaedia of information

It's an approach that considers all aspects of how Knowledge is organised, stored and shared within an organisation.

It's based on the interplay between an organisation's infrastructure, its mechanisms (how KM is taught and promoted), and its technologies – the IT that facilitates KM, including AI, databases and systems.

What’s most appealing about a KMS is its versatility.

  • The system is easily scalable and requires little additional infrastructure to cater for exponential growth in your team.
  • It’s accessible through an internet-enabled device anywhere in the world and is cost-effective, with the potential for the system to be built using existing infrastructure, systems and integrations.

With real-time collaboration on the table and the addition of Conversational AI to feed the KMS, the efficiencies across large organisations are limitless.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve Employee Engagement

Improve Compliance

Increase Sales Revenue

Reduce Costs

Increase Business Insights

We saw for ourselves just how effective a Cloud-based KMS can be for our clients

At the height of the pandemic, organisations from almost every industry needed to provide accurate information to customers all over the world… fast. This included information on health, financial support, travel, and access to essential services.

The question was how to effectively onboard new staff virtually overnight to service the huge surge in enquiries via all channels. The answer? The NEC Knowledge Management approach, powered by livepro.

Information was delivered using a simple interface across multiple online channels including phone, email, website, self-service and live chat. Service agents – some from non-customer facing roles to support the contact centres – could confidently and accurately answer queries from anywhere in the world without extended training time or call handling blowouts.

The ability to meet customer needs and expectations quickly in a time of immense stress was great for the customers and positively impacted employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity.


Research names the top 5 KM priorities in 2024

  1. Identifying, mapping or prioritising critical Knowledge
  2. Incorporating AI/generative AI and “smart” technology
  3. Transferring expert knowledge

Source: 2024 APQC Knowledge Management Priorities & Trends


The NEC Knowledge Management approach can impact organisations of all sizes


Secure, reliable and scalable AWS available on any internet-enabled device.

Flexible taxonomy

Set role-based permissions to lock down access.

Intuitive search

Powerful search and navigation functions that deliver the right result quickly.

Quick onboarding

Help staff be more productive, faster.

Simple integration

Use APIs to serve Knowledge via websites, chat, CRM and omni-channel solutions.

Knowledge feedback

Empower employees to contribute to ongoing updates of Knowledge.

Minimise risk

Control who, what and where authors can contribute.

Insight reports

Understand how Knowledge is used and identify training gaps.

Cloud-based Knowledge Management for more than just contact centres

Your KMS should be a powerful communication, decision-making and problem-solving tool with broad applications beyond just the contact centre.

Effective training

Cloud-based Knowledge Management is a powerful tool for effective training in organisations with complex and detailed procedures. It allows employees to work faster and with a higher level of accuracy than ever before.

Aligned messaging

Across marketing and sales, a KMS can help align an organisation's key messages across business units. Everyone has the same correct and approved information available at their fingertips, which they can easily share.

It keeps your operations and sales teams aligned, offering consistency in the customer experience and better leads for your sales team.

Balanced risk and compliance

In risk and compliance teams where version control and auditing are essential, a KMS can ensure that mandatory document reviews are programmed and conducted while maintaining control over who can access, edit and approve the source knowledge.

With trackable audit capability, transparency is assured, a major win for highly regulated industries where scrutiny and accountability are paramount.


NEC’s Knowledge Management, powered by livepro, is an easy-to-use system that helps employees find answers – fast – to resolve enquiries in record time.

  • Powerful search for fast answers that improve average handling time (AHT)
  • Schedule Knowledge for publication, review and expiry
  • Guide your team to the correct outcome every time with a user-friendly interface


Make better decisions when you trust your information

The real beauty of Cloud-based Knowledge Management is the continuous enhancement and evolution of information – and the ease of integration with Conversational AI that will change how we deliver an exceptional customer experience.

This powerful duo reflects changing customer needs and expectations, market trends and business strategies to help make informed business decisions.

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