Testing Services


Testing Services

Are you testing your customer’s patience?

NEC brings together people, process and tools to build a foundation to support all your testing needs.

Are you testing your customer’s patience?

In today’s dynamic, no-prisoners market, it is not your software in isolation, which determines success – the rigour of your testing is crucial in this era of abbreviated product lifecycles.

Applications are frequently complex and require specialised skills, experience and testing solutions. It is here where many organisations fall short and where quality products and platforms fail.

How does your new system work in isolation? Can it integrate with your legacy network? Where are the weak points?

For some organisations, the answer lies within their own testing capabilities.

NEC Testing Services is the answer.

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All-in-one testing solutions

Our National Testing Centre of Excellence team brings together strategic assets (people, process and tools) to build a foundation to support all your product and development testing.

NEC Testing Solutions can assist with planning, compliance and industry certification. We can help you establish strong quality processes and a framework for future success to ensure that every milestone in your future launches and performs flawlessly.

How we can help

Automation Testing

Biometric Testing

Infrastructure Testing

Mobile Testing

Performance Testing

Static Testing

Governance & Managed Testing

Usability & Accessibility Testing

Web Services / API Testing

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