Managed Wi-Fi


Improved performance, administration control and security

The explosive growth of devices such as laptops, mobiles, tablets, printers and Internet of Things (IoT) has resulted in rapid increase of demand for uninterrupted wireless connectivity. As per data provided by Global Market Insights, it is expected the Wi-Fi market will grow from $10B USD to $35B USD by 2027.

NEC’s Managed Wi-Fi service is a discrete wireless solution with compelling pricing and software-defined capabilities. It blends intelligent, cloud-based, or on-premises management platform and Bluetooth-enabled Wi-Fi with the ability to deliver location-based services.

This provides an unprecedented insight into the root cause of disruptions across the network down to individual devices and applications. NEC’s Managed Wi-Fi service uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to deliver a totally user-centric Wi-Fi experience.

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Improved user experience

The wireless networks are driven by AI and ML capabilities in the back-end, enabling self-healing capability to provide a superior user experience.

Reduce costs

The services are designed to be composable in nature allowing customers to pick and choose the services they need. Thus, lowering overall costs.

Leverage expertise

NEC has proven capability and reputation in network managed services. Our certified team manage leading edge technology from best-of-breed vendors.

Strong local presence

NEC has been operating in Australia since 1969. We support SMB, enterprise and government organisations and have offices and staff in almost every State and Territory across the nation.

Intelligent Wi-Fi

Real-time location services, asset tracking, AI/ML backend, and a strong analytics platform that enables efficient troubleshooting of issues.

Sophisticated Security

Segmenting of corporate and guest Wi-Fi networks to secure sensitive data and reduce cyber security risk.

Service Delivery Manager

A single point of contact and accountability to the customer. This is of great assistance in problem management, new implementations and change management.

Software Assurance

Configuration reviews against vendor best practices and implementation of approved changes.

NEC’s Managed Wi-Fi service gives the assurance that the wireless networks is in safe hands. NEC currently supports more than 10,000+ wireless access points across multiple customers (large enterprise and government) in Australia and we provide value services backed by certified & experienced staff.

Additionally, NEC will provide customers with the robustness of a Tier 1 provider with the flexibility and agility of a Tier 2. This in turn will complement their desire to speed up the time to market of new products and solutions.

“It is expected that the global Wi-Fi market will grow from $10B USD to $35B USD by 2027.”
– Global Market Insights

The new era of WAN edge - Intersection of Network, Security and Zero Trust principles

Maximising Network Security for Government  - Simplifying the Cloud journey using SDN


Sydney Coliseum Theatre – West HQ

West HQ’s vision was to provide its members and guests with the best possible, most seamless, customer experience, from the moment they entered the venue through to them heading home. The new centrepiece of West HQ’s operation would be the Sydney Coliseum Theatre, a 2000 seat state-of-the-art performance venue. Another goal was to “future proof” the West HQ precinct for years to come.


  • Develop and implement a frictionless entry solution
  • Ensure up to 2000 patrons can move through the venue efficiently
  • Compliance with NSW State Government Liquor and Gaming regulations
  • A hard completion date to align with the opening of the Sydney Coliseum Theatre

See the results

“The thing I love about NEC was that you could throw them a question and then it is solved - it’s all about creating technology or having solutions for customers for tomorrow.”
Richard Errington, CEO of West HQ and Sydney Coliseum Theatre

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