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NEC TV Broadcast Transmitters

Providing a large proportion of Australian high-powered broadcast services.


When you choose a NEC TV transmitter you benefit from our long, successful association with the Australian Broadcasting Industry, spanning over three decades.

We’re leveraging our years of experience in the world's most sophisticated markets to offer you quality digital broadcasting solutions, wherever you are in the world. Our transmitters are for both DVB-T and DVB-T2 standards.

Along with in-country support and repair services, we provide a large proportion of Australian high-powered broadcast services. You can be confident you are partnering with the leaders in digital TV transmitters.

Today, more than 100 countries are successfully broadcasting with our TV transmitters, studio equipment and other technologies. Our vast and varied expertise means you get advanced terrestrial broadcast solutions to suit your individual needs.

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Low Power UHF

DTU-L10 Series UHF Doherty low power digital TV transmitter has been developed in order to live up to expectations of low power range line-up around the world.

This is a great addition to NEC's digital TV transmitter family in mid and high power classes. This product follows on from the DTL-10 Series, offering a sophisticated design, ease of maintenance along with reliability to meet our customer's smart operation.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact, all-in-one design
  • High commonality of spares

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Mid and High Power UHF/VHF

The DTU-M10 /DTV-M20 (Mid Power Series) and DTU-H10 /DTV-H20 (High Power Series) digital TV transmitter family are made in Japan on the basis of NEC's advanced technology and knowledge gained throughout NEC’s Broadcast product history.

In addition to the reliability proven by our accumulated experience and achievements over the years, world's top-level power efficiency beyond 38% in UHF and 46% in VHF would strongly satisfy the demands of customers around the world.

NEC have a rich experience in Doherty technology with its first commercial-based digital TV transmitter with Doherty amplifiers manufactured in 2011 for Tokyo Metropolitan area, achieving significant improvement in power consumption (more than 40% more efficient than the previous model).

The DTU & DTV series join the line-up of NEC digital TV transmitters offering three noteworthy features: one-step ahead in level of high power-efficiency, sophisticated concept for easier maintenance, and user-oriented design.

  • Over 38% (UHF) and 46% (VHF) more energy efficient than previous models
  • Top-level operability & maintainability
  • User-orientated design
  • The liquid cooling system, available in NEC’s high-power transmitters incorporates an automatic air-purge function that eliminates the need for an external pump to feed the coolant
  • Coolant feeding and dust removal have been greatly simplified by a hybrid closed circuit

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