Gain valuable customer insight and respond in real-time

Customer insights via anonymous video analysis that can trigger targeted digital content in real-time.

Connect with your customer or manage congestion 

One of the biggest challenges retailers face is changing customer behaviour to spend more time in stores. NEC FieldAnalyst answers this challenge by providing the ability to make positive impressions and engagements with customers.

FieldAnalyst suite of products detects facial images to provide real-time customers insights into their audience across demographic classification (age and gender), people count, dwell time, and even mood.

These anonymous attributes are captured using cameras (from USB to CCTV). The system collects and processes this information for marketing analysis and/or providing a trigger for real-time effective advertising using digital signage.

FieldAnalyst can deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience. Furthermore, people count functionality assists event organisers/area managers on congestion for public safety/event planning.

The FieldAnalyst suite is comprised of three core products: Signage, Gate, and Promote.

Brochure - NEC FieldAnalyst

Field Analyst – Gate

NEC’s FieldAnalyst - Gate detects human faces and automatically counts and categorises people into demographic groups such as age and gender. Best utilised at entrances, exits or passageways, it can count and collate total amounts and per attributes of people traffic.

Marketing insights

Measure success of on-premise campaign or event

Plan for future events by reviewing visitor count against deemed count success criteria

Obtain and view audience analytics in real-time

​​​Customer safety

Visitor count to provide insight on public safety across areas

Manage congestion

Anonymous video analytics

​​​Business insights

Understand peak visitor volumes across location, day, time of day etc

Ascertain appropriate rental charges

Non-buyer analysis – how many people enter your store and don’t purchase?


Field Analyst – Signage

FieldAnalyst – Signage captures audience demographics, dwell time and distance from a digital signage panel. The product can be utilised across various locations such as in-store, shopping centres, lifts and other public spaces.

Marketing insights

Success of on-premise campaign/attracted audience etc

Effective Return on Investment (ROI) analysis

Map out the customer journey

Capture individual and/or crowd/group data

​​​Business insights

Meaningful audience data for better informed decision making

Non-buyer analysis – how many people enter your store and don’t purchase?

Assist staff with better understanding their customers


Field Analyst – Promote

FieldAnalyst – Promote enables businesses to position their product or services directly to their target audience by serving specific digital media based on captured demographic data.

The package includes software to capture and view age, gender and dwell time via a user-friendly dashboard, digital media trigger based on pre-defined business rules, and presentation through a basic Content Management System (CMS).

Customer engagement

Build brand / customer loyalty

Customers spend more time in-store

Provide some wow-factor in a retail environment

​​​Business improvement

Greater return on marketing investment (ROI)

Measure success of on-premise campaigns or promotions

Control the content of in-store digital signage displays

Audience insight via real-time statistics

Why partner with NEC?

FieldAnalyst is based on an industry-leading algorithm for both accuracy and speed. It can easily integrate into other real-time analysis or reaction based solutions.

In addition, FieldAnalyst comes with a scalable reporting solution via a user-friendly dashboard. Customers can enhance how they target customers by procuring our mini-content management solution that triggers digital media based on audience captured.

Customers also have the ability to bundle with NEC displays for greater integration and performance and only have to deal with a single vendor.

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