Cloud-based biometric authentication solution. FREE 30 Day Trial

NEC ID is a biometric authentication solution designed to enhance customer experience and security. Fast and flexible, this cloud-based offering enables users to connect across multiple channels including smartphones, PCs, kiosks, tablets and interactive displays

A customer experience designed for one 

Biometrics is shaping the customer experience through laser-like personalisation. Unwieldy authentication measures once carried out by retail employees now happen instantly via powerful facial recognition technology, smoothing and quickening the customer journey.

NEC ID is the pinnacle of customer experience applications. Built on NEC's reknowned 'NeoFace' facial recognition technology, it is flexible and fully cloud-based so will seamlessly connect across multiple channels including kiosks, tablets and interactive displays.

With NEC ID, every customer is a VIP.

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FREE 30 Day Trial

NEC is offering a FREE 30 day trial of NEC ID for a limited time.


Earn your customers' trust

Sectors such as Healthcare, Education and Financial Services prefer NEC ID for its multi-factor authentication capabilities in areas such as personal records, claims validation, licensing and compliance.

For the Retail and Hospitality sector, NEC ID provides another exciting opportunity – along with empowering customers, heightening engagement and maximising efficiency among employees, NEC ID provides a framework for alternative revenue channels through ultra-targeted advertising.

We too want to make your customers repeat customers.

Transform your organisation with biometric technology

Consumption model

Cloud based

Flexible and scalable

Risk & Compliance

Security & Privacy

Unsurpassed accuracy

Featured solutions

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

Maximum performance. Minimal downtime.


Cloud-based biometric authentication solution. FREE 30 Day Trial


Capture and send prints in seconds
NeoFace Watch

NeoFace Watch

Delivers real-time video surveillance, offline video face search and high volume photo face search
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