It's the festive shopping period. Many a cybercriminal is looking to be active and creative. Keep yourself safe and aware when you browse, read emails, click and buy online with these 12 cyber tips.

Deceptive Shopping Websites

Avoid unknown websites by checking the URL link. Keep to known safe websites like Amazon. If in doubt, don’t shop online and get to your local mall instead.

Fake Charities

It’s great to give over the festive season but beware the fake charity. Be especially careful with emails. Double-check that the website matches the cause. To be sure, use PayPal when transferring funds.

Dangerous E-Seasons Greetings

Before you open an e-card, verify that it’s from someone you know and from a trustworthy source.

Shipping Notification Scams

Think twice before clicking links in shipping notification emails. Use the Australia Post app for tracking if you can.

Pay Safely

Always use a trusted pay method such as PayPal online. Don’t give out credit card and bank account details to unknown retailers.

Holiday SMS Scams

Scammers may also use SMS as well. Don’t click links in SMS messages especially if they seem too good to be true!

Holiday Phishing

Be wary of any messages asking for account verification or requesting you to click on links. Poor grammar in messages is a good indicator that it’s a phishing email.

Auction Sites

Don’t buy on auction sites that are not familiar. Be careful even on sites like eBay and Gumtree. Scammers still use these sites. Check sellers' feedback before purchasing.

Hot Holiday Gift Scams

Be wary of promotions. Check if the sender is legitimate. Don’t click on links and go to the website to find the promotion.

Not so Merry Mobile Apps

Avoid malicious apps that could steal your information. Stick to the official app stores for downloads and purchases. Remember to use anti-virus protection on all devices.

Check the Locks

All shopping websites should be secure. Look for the padlock in the top left of the browser window or ‘https’ in the address bar. If you can’t see it, don’t shop there.

Unsociable Media

Social media is a great method for scammers to collect your personal information. Be careful what you post on social media. Check profiles before accepting new friends and contacts.

Stay safe during the holiday season.

Peter Frochtenicht
National Manager - Security & Compliance