Windows Server 2008 Assessment


Understand the right option for you

With Microsoft announcing End of Support for Windows Server 2008 on 14 January 2020, there are a number of risks associated with continuing to run these operating systems and therefore alternative solutions should be explored.

We’re seeing Cloud adoption across our Government and enterprise customers continuing to increase.  A common challenge for organisations is not knowing where to start or being concerned about the risks of Cloud.

NEC is pleased to offer our managed service customers a free technology assessment, built on our Digital Transformation methodology.  NEC will assess your technical and application architecture into our business modelling tool to visualise your architectural environment, identify issues, prepare recommendations and then provide insights back to you. 

You may already have a plan, which we’re happy to provide input and expertise around to ensure no stone has been left unturned.  We understand that it’s not always possible or viable to migrate everything to the Cloud we will provide you with an unbiased and realistic assessment of what could move to where.

In the interim, NEC will be providing best effort support to ensure your environment is as safe and stable as possible.

Reduced Risk

Unbiased Recommendations

Business Focused Approach

Technology Roadmap

Cloud Neutral

Improved Governance

What are the next steps?

  1. Customer to complete the Service Request form on this page
  2. NEC will confirm the request and provide a reference number to the customer
  3. Customer to provide as much information* that's available (NEC can assist here)
  4. NEC ingest the data and model technical, application and business architecture
  5. NEC perform analysis and provide an assessment of the current environment
  6. NEC will present findings back to the customer (1 hour presentation)
  7. Customer and NEC discuss and agree on a way forward.

The entire process is conducted over approximately a 2 week period (variable by the size of the ICT environment) from the time NEC receives the initial data set(s).

* Information includes: Organisational Structure if not available on customer website; List of servers and applications; Service catalogue if available; Dump of the CMDB if available; RV Tools extract and/or Vmware or HyperV extract; AD dump if the above point is not available; and output from licensing compliance applications (such as Snow) if available.