Workspace as a Service

A secure and scalable cloud-based desktop, application and data solution

A secure and scalable cloud-based desktop, application and data solution.

Discover what freedom feels like

Ancient workspaces once featured desktops on desks in front of chairs. That is so twentieth century. The modern workforce would rather power down, walk outside, find a café or park bench and resume their day.

Employees want to choose when, where and on what device they work while employers want their teams collaborating and connected, to one another and technology. And with NEC Workspace, they can. Leveraging its world-leading security and data protection technology, NEC makes possible the concept of a mobile, connected and highly productive workforce.

Full connection and collaboration capability coupled with unmatched data security. NEC Workspace delivers the best of all worlds.

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Predictable costs

Enable employee mobility

Flexible and scalable

Managed by experts


Improved business efficiency

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Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

Maximum performance. Minimal downtime.


100% paperless & inkless fingerprint ID solution for law enforcement agencies and civil environments
NeoFace Watch

NeoFace Watch

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Create Endless Impressions

Experience NEC’s vast portfolio of display & biometrics solutions & take your organisation ahead of the competition in 2018. This year NEC showcased a range of innovative signage for retail, transport and hospitality, as well as corporate conferencing and collaboration solutions.

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