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Journey to the Cloud

Determine what cloud services are suitable for your business

Discover how viable Cloud services are to your business

Understand the right option for you

Cloud adoption across Government and enterprise is continuing to increase.  Organisations are seeking ways to increase efficiency, control their costs and become more agile.  In order to capitalise on your ICT investments today and in the future, there are many considerations and requirements that should be understood before you transition into the Cloud.  NEC’s Journey to the Cloud transformation service is conducted across four key stages to help you understand and determine your current state, Cloud requirements and how to get your workloads into the Cloud.

Stage 1: Architecture Baseline
Mapping underlying technology, detailing dependencies, identifying risk and key elements of the change management program.

Stage 2: Transformational Model
Determining strategic goals, detailing business processes, understanding operational impacts and identifying workloads with high-risk requirements.

Stage 3: Cloud Analysis
Evaluating financial, technical and business aspects of workloads, and provision of a detailed Cloud Candidacy report across your application portfolio.

Stage 4: Cloud Transition
Mapping workloads to appropriate Cloud services, creating a concept tenancy in a target Cloud provider and establishing agreed workloads.

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Service Benefits

Reduced risk

Understand legal, regulatory, compliance and security risk implications of running your ICT in the Cloud.

Expert recommendations

Leading toolsets and skilled architects provides deep business insight. Individually tailored for each customer.

Outcomes based approach

NEC will advise the best options for Cloud services, including whether workloads should stay on your premises.

Predictable cost

Identification of the costs associated with migrating and supporting ICT Cloud services.

Cloud neutral

NEC has your best interests at heart and will work with the most suitable cloud provider.


Different options for customers - right sized to your journey to date.

Why NEC?

NEC is a safe pair of hands with a strong heritage of managing and deploying critical services and applications. We can manage existing infrastructure and public Cloud workloads to support customer’s journey to Cloud and hybrid environments.

We believe in offering our customers the right advice and are not incentivised by Cloud providers to move workloads regardless of whether they are suitable for the Cloud or not.

NEC have a strong local presence with flexible support models (onshore, offshore or blended), combined with a global network of 303 group companies with a combined revenue of US$26B.

Market Trends


of all enterprise IT spending will shift to the public cloud by 2026


of organisations spend at least $2.4m on public cloud services p/a


of organisations adopt cloud services to remain competitive

Source: Gartner: Press Release August 2021, Flexera: State of the Cloud Report 2021, Deloitte: The Economic Value of Cloud Services in Australia

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