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The cost of communications downtime emphasises the need for quality maintenance and technical support

NECare is NEC’s multi-vendor maintenance and support services. NECare service solutions support ongoing business continuity and customer service levels by ensuring any service interruptions are quickly rectified. All this is backed up by our proven experience and expertise gained over many years managing the ICT requirements of Australian organisations.

NECare packages offer comprehensive support for a wide range of IT, networking, telecommunications, contact centre and collaboration solutions. You can benefit irrespective of where you sourced your equipment because, as a multi-vendor supplier, we cover most types and brands. Service offers are available for a range of contract periods, from 12 months to 5 years.

The package offers build from a base level to an “always on” service for customers that operate in mission critical environments or operations where network availability and immediate service delivery is essential.

Understanding and documenting networks is an important step in ensuring that you have full visibility and maintenance coverage. NEC offers a discovery service (NECare Network Insight) that collects and assesses all your networking infrastructure. This service provides customers with the information they need to make informed decisions on what support is required and if there are any current risks with the deployed equipment.

NEC is an expert in managing the complex tasks of supporting your voice, data and network infrastructure in a multi-vendor environment. You can focus on your business rather than the IT infrastructure and services that support it. More information on how on our NECare services will benefit your business and how it works can be found in our guide: NECare: Your key to business continuity (pdf)

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