Identity Management

Industry-leading security solutions

NEC is as recognised leader in biometrics and public safety and a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading identity management and security programs.

Cutting-edge security technologies

NEC has a proven track record in identity management & public safety and continually aims to bring its best-of-breed cutting-edge security technologies and total solutions to help public and private institutions with their security or commercial requirements. This could encompass anything from law enforcement or border protection to customer loyalty or business intelligence.

NEC’s fingerprint and facial recognition solutions are recognised in independent tests as the world’s fastest and most accurate biometric technologies for identification. We have deployed identification systems to over 1,000 customers in more than 30 countries. Our expertise in unified communications and systems integration enables us to be one of the few companies that can supply all levels of integrated security solutions — from hardware and networking to applications and service.

With a strong global footprint, NEC can leverage across regions to keep cities safer. ‘Safer Cities’ is an integral part of NEC’s vision for Smart Cities, where people are able to live, work, and play in safety and comfort while also coexisting in harmony with the environment. NEC offers advanced technologies and solutions to make this a reality.

Facial Recognition

Due to recent advances in reliability, accuracy and performance, the use of facial recognition technology in both security and commercial applications has grown significantly. Unlike other biometric systems, facial recognition requires no physical or active interaction with the subject, making it one of the least intrusive yet highly accurate biometric modes. It enables faces to be recorded and archived at a distance, act as a crime deterrent, and help identify a person in real-time.

The contact-free non-obtrusive approach makes for a more easily integrated and acceptable identification solution using existing CCTV cameras. Webcams can also be used to match images to records stored in a database. Biometric facial recognition has achieved a high profile, not only in security applications, it has also become increasingly important in registering and verifying individuals. Read our Facial Recognition whitepaper (pdf).

NEC’s NeoFace technology was ranked #1 globally in 3 consecutive facial recognition annual benchmark tests conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), greatly exceeding all other vendors in both accuracy and speed.

NEC has partnered with the Northern Territory (NT) Police Force to implement leading edge forensic facial recognition technology to fight crime and keep communities safer. During the initial trial in early 2015, police used the system to successfully identify around 300 individuals from photos and CCTV footage, helping police solve crimes and prevent threats to safety. Learn more about NeoFace Facial Recognition (pdf).

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Enhancing Public Safety with Facial Recognition


Finger Capture & Matching

NEC leads the world in number of patents on sensor and matching technologies, and delivers unsurpassed AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) latent identification accuracy and speed.

In the area of Automated Latent Matching Evaluation, NEC has been awarded first place ranking in accuracy on the Evaluation of Latent Fingerprints Technologies (ELFT) test carried out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

NEC’s LiveScan system is a complete capture-to-booking solution that provides the highest level of speed and accuracy required by law enforcement and security agencies. Capture accurate, quality digital fingerprints and palmprints using the latest biometrics technology designed to meet your civil and law enforcement identification needs. With LiveScan, you can put fingerprints and palmprints directly into a digital format, without using ink and paper.

LiveScan allows for quick adaptation to legislation changes and law enforcement needs, and minimises redundant data entry through a full, two-way XML data interchange. Moreover, the LiveScan software is well supported by single-click automatic upgrades and centralised software monitoring capabilities, enabling rapid deployment with minimum technical or biometrics expertise required.

Fingerprint scans are able to be transmitted directly to a central AFIS or ABIS system. The image is automatically checked and the relevant identity information (either a match or non-match) is provided back to the organisation. Learn more about LiveScan (pdf).

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Mobile Biometrics

In addition to fixed monitoring and surveillance, NEC’s local R&D team can create bespoke mobile applications for use out in the field. One example is the locally developed Mobile Fingerprint Scanning Solution, successfully deployed by South Australia Police (SAPOL).

Without a mobile solution, it was a lengthy process for officers to confirm the identity of persons of interest. The solution quickly scans fingerprints, packages and transmits data to a national database for matching; and receives fingerprint identification, demographics information and/or photos in return. Immediate suspect identification in the field not only saves officers a significant amount of time, it also protects their safety as it provides them with immediate information about the suspect.

From the outset, officers reported examples where they were able to make arrests on the spot. They identified a number of persons of interest with outstanding warrants and who had been wanted for other matters. The MFS is now also instrumental in investigations into missing persons. Read our South Australia Police case study (pdf).

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Welcome Kiosk

Built on NEC’s leading NeoFace facial recognition technology, NeoFace Welcome is a portable kiosk that uses a person’s face as the unique key to take customer experience to a new level and improve business efficiency.

The integrated touch-screen allows visitors and customers to interact with a personalised welcome and to access a programmable set of options.

NeoFace Welcome has the capacity to integrate with Customer Relationship Management, Visitor Management, and Point of Sale systems. Some of the benefits include:

Improve business efficiency / cost reduction

In environments where there is repeat behaviour from consumers (e.g. cafe), kiosks can be set up to recognise a customer, know their preference and enable the customer to make a selection at the touch of a button. There can also be the added flexibility of added alternative options.

Staff can be utilised more efficiently.

Increase profitability

Kiosk can be tied to loyalty programmes encouraging repeat business.

Unique service likely to evoke positive word of mouth – growing customer base.

Improve customer experience

Less waiting time for product or service delivery.

Being recognised and personally greeted typically has a positive effect on people.

Business intelligence

The application can seamlessly integrate with other NEC biometric technologies to enable efficient tracking and detection of individuals, groups or objects through age, gender and counting.

Learn more about NeoFace Welcome (pdf).

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